Cleansing the body with water after a hard day

Do you notice that as we grow up, it is more and more difficult for us to come to a resourceful state after a busy day. If a couple of years ago the body was recovering by itself, it was enough just to get enough sleep, then over the years this does not happen so quickly and efficiently.

The usual ways: walking in the air, going to the cinema, changing activities may no longer help. You feel that you are distracted, you feel better, but after an hour or two it “covers” again.

This is because life speeds up, stress builds up, and body rhythms slow down with age. The body and consciousness on their own no longer have time to digest that rush of emotions, information, experiences that we absorb every day.

What to do if the day turned out to be difficult, the head is overloaded with information, scraps of conversations, events slip through my thoughts … And there is still evening ahead, the family is waiting, I want to find strength for my personal plans.

You need to look for other ways that work deeper with your energy state.

In this article I will share one mega-effective technique that literally will wash away all negativity from you and return inner harmony and energy to your body. It is associated with water, and in order for it to bring you results, it is important to realize what an invaluable helper ordinary water is.

Water is the source of our energy

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In addition to the usual knowledge that water improves well-being, helps to lose weight, and normalizes blood pressure. Realize what other benefits it brings and why practices with water are really effective.

  • Human life originates in water. From the first seconds of life, she is our friend, who allowed her to grow in the womb. Therefore, water is the most dear and responsive element for us, which can react to our condition and harmonize it.
  • After we are born, it continues to give us the strength to live by producing electrical and magnetic energy within every cell of the body. Water energizes food, which is then distributed throughout the body.
  • As a living organism, it is saturated with energy and information, like a sponge with water. Positive energy can convey to you. And take away negative energy, clearing thoughts of vanity, relieving stress, saturating you with spiritual food.

A deep understanding of the importance of our relationship with water will allow you to better contact with it and get more benefits from the most familiar water procedures for us.

Now I will share with you one effective cleansing technique with water. It will help you regain strength after a working day, relieve yourself of the burden of negative emotions.

Cleansing technique after a hard day

Most often, negative energy accumulates in the aura of the head. Those who see the energy can describe this process as a dark cloud formed around the head. The man in the street says: “The head is heavy, the head is buzzing.”

How to recover from a tough day?  Cleansing technique with water
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How can you quickly remove this weight and clear your head with water? Follow the proven instruction:

  1. Get under the shower with your head, the top of your head must be washed.
  2. Imagine that water is alive, it carries energy that can carry away, wash away all the weight.
  3. Visualize and feel how the water carries away all the energetic dirt, washes away fears and anxieties. Visualization will help to work with the subconscious and some difficult processes taking place in the mind.
  4. Feel with your body how you are being renewed in this flow. Let every cell of your body, centimeter by centimeter, be cleansed and filled with strength.
  5. Finish the practice with a cold water contrast shower: alternately turn on hot and cold (ice) water.

This is how you can turn an ordinary shower into an effective energy practice.

I often use this method, because no matter how I try to correctly distribute the resource during the day, it still happens that by the end of the day my internal energy battery runs out.

There are many more ways to effectively interact with water. The most important thing is to be aware of its powerful power and then it will respond to your call for help: it will take on your negative energy, literally washing away the emotions and stress accumulated during the day from you.

7 easy ways to get the energy of water

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Water is effective in a wide variety of uses:

  1. A hot bath is great for relaxation.
  2. A cool or contrasting shower is cheerfulness.
  3. Swimming perfectly kneads the body, restores clarity to consciousness. Immersion in water purifies a person’s aura, especially if there is running water.
  4. A full drinking regimen gives the body energy and allows it to function at full strength.
  5. Just listening to the murmur of water already calms and balances the inner state. Therefore, this technique is always used during massage, spa treatments.
  6. Water massage magically relieves tension in the body.
  7. Humidification of the air allows you to breathe better, because it is through breathing that the human body gets rid of toxins by 70%.

And the best part is that water is always near us in abundance. You can recover efficiently every evening, no matter how hard your day is.

Continue and further learn to interact with water, look for your own way of communicating with it to fill with life energy.

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