Lisa Marie Presley’s broken heart due to her only son

The loss of a child is a tragedy for any parent, when all hopes and dreams collapse and only painful memories remain. Lisa Marie Presley, the only daughter and heiress of the legendary singer, is now going through just such a period.

Loss of son

grandson of elvis presley

Her son Benjamin, from his first marriage to musician Danny Keough, was found dead at Lisa’s family mansion in Calabasas, California on July 12. The police believe that the 27-year-old man shot himself with a gun for unknown reasons and does not see any crime in the incident. Surprisingly, the grandson of Elvis Presley died just like his grandfather – he was sitting on the toilet and fell facedown. Roger Widinovski, a spokesman for the family, told the publication Peoplethat this is shocking news for everyone, and that 52-year-old Lisa herself is heartbroken and devastated.

Benjamin stayed away from the media

Although Benjamin preferred to stay away from social media and the press, his mother often posted photos of her son, whom she adored, on Instagram. Benjamin signed a five-album deal worth £ 3.3m a few years ago with Universalbut they never saw the light of day.

Lisa never forced her son to seek fame and be in the public eye, as the world expected. In 2013, she told the publication Huffington Post:

“Now Ben does what he likes. Let him decide when he wants to go out in public. “

Similarities to Elvis Presley

benjamin presley

Benjamin was strikingly similar to the legendary grandfather, and this was especially emphasized by his mother. Lisa Marie Presley once confessed on CMT:

“Ben is truly a copy of Elvis. Once he took part in a concert, and then there was just a quiet shock behind the scenes. Everyone tried to take pictures with him, because his resemblance to his grandfather is amazing. “

Eternal love and connection

Lisa and Benjamin were very attached to each other and in 2009 they even got the same tattoos for Mother’s Day. It was the Celtic knot of eternity that symbolizes enduring love and relationship.

In 2012, Benjamin appeared alongside his sisters in Lisa’s music video, where she performed her father’s 1954 hit “I Love You Because”. And a year ago, Lisa published a photo with all the children, signing it “Mother Lioness with her lion cubs.”

benjamin presley 2

Lisa Marie has three other daughters, 31-year-old Riley Keough and 11-year-old twins Finley and Harper from her fourth marriage to Michael Lockwood. Now she has to control herself and stay strong for the sake of her daughters. For a mother who adores her children more than anything else, especially Benjamin, his death was an absolute shock.

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