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The best New Year cartoons about the New Year - a collection to watch for freeNew Year cartoons – how everyone is waiting for them! The scent of tangerines, flashing garlands on the Christmas tree, paper snowflakes on the windows and New Year’s cartoons – that’s, perhaps, all that is needed to create a festive mood.

Watching good, magical cartoons together can be a great family tradition on New Year’s Eve.

Miss New Year

In the pre-New Year’s bustle, the inhabitants of the winter forest decided to arrange a beauty contest. Its participants are the most beautiful and talented forest dwellers, including the chanterelle and the little crow. The venue of the competition is the Forest Palace of Culture, and the main member of the jury is a computer.

It would seem that “vote cheating” is out of the question!

New Year Cartoons for Children – Miss New Year

The competition is in full swing. The beautiful fox got a well-deserved 10 points and could have won if it were not for her mother-crow, “computer-savvy”.

The computer is broken, and the daughter of the cunning crow was fraudulently received the crown. The poor fox is upset, but she didn’t have to grieve for too long. The little false winner could not hide the truth. The crown was returned to the real Miss New Year, and the crow received the title of Miss Honesty. A wonderful cautionary tale that good deeds do not remain without rewards.

Yellow elephant

What could be more fabulous than the New Year’s carnival? Smart costumes, masks, tinsel. Two girlfriends decided to share one suit for two, dressing up as a yellow elephant – one of the girlfriends got the hind legs, and the second got the front legs. But in the midst of the carnival, the girls quarreled. They began to pull the suit back and forth. It looked very funny when the elephant’s legs began to scatter in different directions. Their quarrel was watched by two boys with a dog.

New Year Cartoons – Yellow Elephant

Having quarreled, the girlfriends went home, leaving their suit lying on the ground. Imagine their surprise when they saw an elephant stomping next to it, with all 4 legs walking in unison in one direction. The cartoon teaches children to be friendly, and shows that the success of a common cause depends on consent.

Herringbone for everyone

Another kind Soviet cartoon about a New Year tree.

Christmas cartoons for children – Christmas tree for everyone

Animals from all over the world, from the cold Arctic to hot Africa, sing the most famous song about a little Christmas tree in their own way. They circle in a round dance and have fun, giving the young spectators a festive mood.

New year wind

A kind New Year’s fairy tale, the main characters of which are a bear cub and a little boy Morozets. The plot takes place in an ice castle where the boy lives with his older brothers.

New Year Cartoons – New Year’s Wind

It is thanks to the brothers Morozts that the winter is so cold and snowy. The elder brothers Moroztsy bake snowflakes in ice pans and blow the cold wind around the world.

Little Frost and his new friend the bear find a magic box in the castle and release the New Year’s wind from it. He picked up all the New Year’s toys and carried them away. But the toys are not missing. A good wind scattered them to people’s homes, giving them a New Year’s mood.

20 best New Year’s Soviet cartoons – watching the good old Soviet cartoons in the New Year!

Last year’s snow fell

Last Year’s Snow Was Falling is a cartoon that both children and adults will enjoy watching. The latter will surely appreciate the subtle humor that permeates the “plasticine” cartoon, the abundance of catchphrases and the presence of a deep social connotation.

The main character of the cartoon is a Russian man who, like any average man in the street, is looking for a better life, easy money, dreams of a beautiful wife. Everything “will not be enough” for him. The plot of the story unfolds around him – the peasant was sent into the forest on New Year’s Eve for nothing more than a Christmas tree.

Last year’s snow fell

Young viewers will like the pleasant musical accompaniment, they will be happy to look at the pictures of “one plasticine area”, which were skillfully created by the animators. The New Year’s forest is an amazing place where funny stories and unexpected transformations happen.


A cartoon with such a realistic portrayal as the Snowman does not need voice acting. Without a single word, English cartoonists told an amazing New Year’s story about a boy who made a snowman on the eve of the holiday. At night, the boy could not sleep, and he kept looking out the window at the lonely standing snow giant, which miraculously came to life exactly at midnight.


The boy invited his new friend to the house, and, while his parents were sleeping, showed how he lives. After that, the Snowman and the boy set off on an exciting journey full of wonders and fun.

The Snowman cartoon is a reminder that real miracles are possible in childhood. It helps you immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere and believe in a fairy tale. Since 2004, the cartoon has not left the TOP 10 of the best British New Year’s TV shows.

Secret Service of Santa Claus

Every child dreams of finding their desired gift under the Christmas tree. Little Gwen, who wrote her letter to Santa, is no exception. For a whole year, Gwen behaved well and is waiting for a festive night in order to find the coveted box as soon as possible.

Secret Service of Santa Claus (1-4 episodes)

But Santa’s Secret Service made a mistake, and the girl will probably be left without a gift. Perhaps the youngest son of Santa Arthur, working in a magical mail delivery, will correct the situation and save the festive mood of the baby.

Niko: the path to the stars

The father of the fawn Niko is one of the flying reindeer of Santa Claus’s team. The kid wants to learn how to fly in the sky just like his dad. His friend, the flying squirrel Julius, helps the fawn to make his dream come true. Little Niko is waiting for adventures and serious trials, but he is ready to go through them in order to meet his father.

Cartoon Niko: The Way to the Stars

The cartoon teaches you to go to your dream, no matter how unrealistic it may seem, overcoming difficulties. It pays great attention to family values. It will be an excellent choice for viewing with the whole family.

Santa’s Secret Mission

Many kids who believe in New Year’s magic ask their parents a question: “How does Santa manage to deliver gifts to all the children at once?” The answer can be obtained by watching the cartoon “Santa’s Secret Mission”. It turns out that Santa has a magic crystal that helps him with his annual challenge.

Santa’s Secret Mission. The best New Year cartoons

Everything would have been fine this time, but the evil brother Basil stole the magic stone. Now the holiday is under threat. Will little boy Yothen be able to save the New Year’s mood and return the magic crystal to its owner?

Olaf and the Cold Adventure

Princess Elsa and Anna suddenly realize that there is not a single New Year family tradition in their family. The girls’ festive mood could be spoiled, but the cheerful snowman Olaf will not allow this. Together with the reindeer Sven, he travels to the homes of the townspeople to collect the best family traditions.

Olaf and the Cold Adventure – Russian Cartoon Trailer

Incredibly beautiful animation, catchy melodies, sparkling jokes and touching moments. Veselchak Olaf will give the whole family a festive mood and show that the real value is not gifts, but the feelings with which they are presented.

20 newest cartoons about New Year and Christmas – the best modern cartoons for New Year’s mood!

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