Colored mascara – how to choose for brown, gray, green and blue eyes?

How to choose colored mascaraSince black mascara is an option that almost all women use, an interesting way out of the cosmetic comfort zone is to use colored mascara in makeup. It’s very easy to add color to your makeup by applying it to your eyelashes. This will avoid the use of colored eyeshadows, which sometimes scare even avid makeup lovers.

Features of applying colored mascara to eyelashes

It is not surprising that such an interesting product has its own application features. So, before using colored mascara, you can first paint over the eyelashes with black mascara: this will make the color visible, but less intense. This is especially true for those whose eyelashes are quite light in themselves, because in this case the eyelashes will be completely and completely colored, which may look somewhat strange.

But if you first paint over them with black ink, then the color pigment of the ink will be a beautiful addition. You can apply black mascara to the roots of the eyelashes, and work on the tips directly with colored mascara.

If the owners of dark eyelashes want to add more color, then they can first apply a special light base for mascara… It will make the shade of colored mascara brighter and more noticeable.

Choosing a shade of colored mascara – how to choose the right one for your eye color?

Choosing the optimal shade of colored mascara should be based on your eye color. Most often they are guided by the contrast rule: they use shades that are almost completely opposite to the very color of the eyes.

Brown eyes

Brown eyes possess warm undertone… Accordingly, in order to enhance it, it is necessary to use cold shades of colored mascara.

Colored mascara for brown eyes

  • For instance, blue ink for eyelashes, it is very beneficial to highlight such eyes. True, it will make them somewhat darker, as it will reduce the yellowish shades of the iris of the eye. Therefore, when using blue mascara, brown eyes will look playful and mysterious. In this case, brown-eyed people can avoid any other eye makeup by limiting themselves only to mascara.
  • Purple shades of mascaraon the contrary, they enhance the warm pigments of brown eyes. Therefore, the eyes will visually appear lighter. Purple mascara in combination with black arrows will look very beautiful.
  • Green mascara, oddly enough, will highlight a green pigment in brown eyes. It looks unusual and beautiful. However, you need to be careful and choose the right shade of green, because it can be either khaki or aqua. If the wrong color is chosen, the capillaries of the whites of the eyes may become more contrasting. Swamp shades and khaki are suitable for warm, chocolate brown eyes, and emerald and cold shades of green are dark brown.

Blue eyes

Remember! Blue-eyed girls should avoid cold shades: in this case, yellowness of the proteins may appear, which looks somewhat painful.

In addition, eye color can become dull and unsightly. Therefore, it is better for blue-eyed to pay attention to warm shades of mascara

Colored mascara for blue eyes

  • Use brown ink: it is quite contrasting for blue eyes, therefore it will very favorably emphasize their shade, make it deeper and more intense.
  • If you want to add even more color to your life, pay attention to peach ink, golden, yellow-orange
  • Green color is versatile, so it will suit blue eyes as well as brown. It will make them a little lighter.

Grey eyes

In the use of colored mascara, the owners of gray eyes have a place to roam. They can use absolutely any shades: green, blue, brown, gold and purple

Colored mascara for gray eyes

However, certain shades can slightly change the gray color of the eyes. So, for example, using green mascara will make gray eyes appear greener, while using brown mascara will enhance the blue tint that is somewhat present in gray eyes.

Green eyes

Perhaps, green-eyed girls are the only ones who don’t go for green mascara.

However, they can take advantage of purple and pink shades colored ink. After all, it is they who will most profitably highlight the natural pigment of green eyes.

Colored mascara for green eyes

In addition, they will look pretty advantageous in their makeup. light brown mascara

It is best to apply it directly to the lashes, avoiding mascara base or black mascara as the first coat. It is then that this shade will favorably set off the iris.

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