Conception calendars – how to calculate ovulation, baby gender

Conception calendars - how to calculate ovulation, baby genderIt often happens that a woman has been trying to get pregnant for a long time, but all her attempts do not lead to a result. In addition to possible health problems for one of the partners, the reason for failure may lie in the wrong days for conception.

In order to choose the right day for the conception of a child, it is recommended to keep a calendar. With its help, you can significantly increase the chance of pregnancy.

The content of the article:

  1. What are conception calendars based on?
  2. Personal calendar
  3. Lunar calendar of Jonas-Shulman
  4. Calendars from the App Store, Google Play
  5. Online conception calendars

What all conception calendars are based on

The best time to conceive a child is the day when the egg matures and passes from the ovary into the fallopian tube. This process is called ovulation. If during this period the mature female reproductive cell is fertilized by the male reproductive cell, it means that conception has occurred.

Otherwise, an unfertilized egg is released during menstruation.

All calendars are based on the fact that the male reproductive cell can live in the female body for up to five days… Based on this, one can understand that fertilization can occur several days before the onset of ovulation and several days after its end.

The release of the egg from the ovary occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle. You can get pregnant not only during ovulation, but also on fertile days. That is, 3-4 days before ovulation – and 2 days after it. Based on this information, you can track the successful period for trying to get pregnant.

For example, if a girl’s cycle is 30 days, then this number must be divided by two. It turns out 15, this suggests that on day 15 the egg leaves the ovary, which means that 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 days are the most favorable days for planning pregnancy.

Conception calendars - how to calculate ovulation, baby gender

Such calendars are used not only for planning pregnancy, but also to prevent it… In the female menstrual cycle, there are so-called “dangerous” and “safe” days. Dangerous days are the day of ovulation, a few days before and after it. For those who are not yet going to have a baby, it is better to give up sexual intercourse these days or take a responsible approach to contraception.

A few days after menstruation and a few days before they start are considered safe. For example, if a girl’s cycle is 30 days, then 1-10 and 20-30 days of the cycle will be safe.

Note! Safe days can only be relied on by healthy girls with a regular cycle without the slightest deviation. And yet, even so, this method cannot be guaranteed to protect you from an unplanned pregnancy.

Using a personal calendar to determine the date of conception

In order to accurately determine the days suitable for conception, a woman must have her personal calendar. It can be wall or pocket, the main thing is to regularly mark the days of the beginning and end of menstruation. To accurately determine the days of ovulation, ideally, you need to keep such records for at least one year.

Personal conception calendar

When you have been keeping a calendar for a long time, you need to analyze all the data in it:

  1. First you need to determine the longest and shortest cycle of all time.
  2. Then subtract 11 from the longest, and subtract 18 from the shortest. For example, if the longest cycle of a girl lasted 35 days, subtract 11 from it and get 24. This means that day 24 is the last day of the fertile phase.
  3. To determine the first day of the fertile phase, you need to subtract 18 from the shortest cycle, for example, 24 days.
  4. We get the number 6 – this day will be the first day of fertility.

Based on the above example, we can conclude that the probability of getting pregnant will be high from 6 to 24 days of the cycle. You can easily calculate this information yourself by simply replacing the given values ​​with your own data.

In addition to the calendar method, you can calculate favorable days for pregnancy by regularly monitoring the basal temperature in a state of complete rest. It is necessary every day at the same time (preferably in the morning) to measure the temperature in the rectum and record the data. Ovulation occurs the day after the day when the body temperature was at its lowest. When the body temperature rises to 37 degrees and above, this indicates the saturation of the body with progesterone, that is, the onset of ovulation.

Note! Rectal body temperature measurements may be inaccurate if you are sick, have bowel disorders, or have recently consumed alcohol.

Lunar calendar of Jonas-Shulman

This calendar was used by women many generations ago. There are several phases of the moon, and each person was born in a specific phase. If you believe this method, a girl has the greatest chance of getting pregnant exactly in that phase of the moon, which was before her birth. In addition, the Jonas-Schulman lunar calendar contributes to a favorable course of pregnancy, preventing the risk of miscarriage, abnormalities in the development of the child, and so on.

The creator of this method explained his theory by the fact that girls in ancient times ovulation occurred just at the time when the moon was in the required phase. That is, if you correctly use the usual conception calendar, in parallel with the lunar calendar, you can most accurately determine the appropriate day.

Lunar conception calendar

To use this method, you need to know what phase the moon was in on your birthday. The time zone plays an important role, therefore, for the calculation, information is needed about the woman’s place of birth, and the planned place for conception. In his works, the doctor wrote that using his method, you can even plan the desired gender of the baby.

Ovulation calendars from the App Store and Google Play

Ovulation calendar on your phone is a much more practical way of keeping track of fertile days than wall and pocket copies.

Below are some convenient options.

Ladytimer ovulation calendar – an application for an iPhone to track ovulation. The application asks to enter data about at least 2-3 previous cycles, after which it automatically calculates the estimated date of ovulation and the next menstruation.

Ladytimer ovulation calendar

You can also check the information about cervical mucus and basal body temperature in the app. Based on the data you entered, the application will help you choose the most favorable time for conception.

Flo – another application for android for tracking the cycle. Here, as in the previous application, for automatic calculation, you need to enter the minimum data about several past cycles. Based on this information, the application informs you on which day you are most likely to become pregnant and which day is low.

Flo is another android application for tracking the cycle

For more accurate forecasts, it is advisable to daily note your physical and emotional well-being, basal temperature, discharge, and so on.

In addition, Flo has a feed with personalized tips and a bit of interaction in the form of cognitive polls.

Get Baby – an excellent application for android for those who are trying to get pregnant. Upon entering, the application asks for information about the length of the period, the length of the cycle and the date of the beginning of the last menstruation.

Get Baby

The application calculates information about ovulation and the next menstruation according to the same principle as the previous programs.

It is necessary to regularly enter data on basal temperature and sexual intercourse here. If conception has occurred, it is possible to switch to pregnancy mode.

Online conception calendars

All online calendars are based on the fact that ovulation occurs mid-cycle. To find out which days are best to try to get pregnant, you need to enter the following information:

  1. Date and month of the beginning of the last period.
  2. How many days is the average cycle.
  3. How many days on average are menstruation.
  4. How many cycles to calculate (not always).

Online conception calendar

After entering your personal data, the calendar automatically detects ovulation and fertility. Then it gives information about on which day conception is likely, and on which it is practically impossible, marking them with different colors.

Online conception calendar

The conception calendar is worth keeping even for those girls who do not plan to become pregnant yet. So a woman gradually gets to know the characteristics of her body. In the future, this will contribute to rapid conception. In addition, with the help of a personal calendar, you can select somewhat safe days for intercourse, which reduces the risk of an unplanned pregnancy.

Effective methods for planning baby gender, planning tables

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