Daddy’s daughters and mom’s son – the opinion of a psychologist

Many people think that daddy’s daughter is dearly loved by her father. But, from the point of view of psychology, this is not at all the case. Daddy’s daughter never got her dad in childhood, and always strives for him.

There are several types of daddy daughters


Suffering. She had a tough, authoritarian father. She was brought up in tight-knit gloves. Severity and punishment were the main strategy. She is used to tough relationships and lives with guilt. She always thinks that she is doing something wrong. She really wants to be liked in order to feel “good”. But he never achieves this in a relationship. This is because she considers herself not beautiful enough, not smart enough, not economical enough and many more “not enough”.

Responsible. She felt sorry for her dad. For example, if he was sickly, she would look after him. If the father was not happy in marriage, but did not leave because of his responsibility, she tried to make up for the lack of happiness. This girl was “saving” her dad. In this state of affairs, conflict relations usually develop with my mother, as if she becomes a rival. And the girl is trying her best to be the best daughter.

Yearning. Grew up without a father. He was not in the family or he was emotionally cold. The girl missed him badly. Hence, self-doubt, inconsistency, impulsiveness.

Combat. The one that, it would seem, was daddy’s favorite, went fishing, hockey with him, played football, knew about cars. BUT! She didn’t do girlish things. She seemed to prove to dad that she is. After all, she received messages from him “do not exist”, “do not be yourself”, because dad wanted a boy. And raised her like a boy.

What happens to daddy’s daughters when they matured?

types of daughtersDaddy’s daughter lacks a father. She has no sense of security, confidence. Therefore, you need to be strong yourself. It is difficult for such a girl to show femininity. Although she looks sexy and attractive, daddy’s daughter has a masculine energy. She often comes across men who are weak and weak-willed. She doesn’t feel secure with them. But the paradox is that she herself attracts such men.

Such a woman is stubborn, persistent, self-confident. In childhood, daddy’s daughter comes up with the image of the ideal dad, and in adulthood – the ideal man. Her partner “falls short” all the time.
She wants to build a relationship with a strong man – “daddy’s son”, but such a man is usually not ready to “compete” with her and prove that he is stronger.

Daddy’s daughter has problems with the reproductive system, since she unconsciously does not accept a woman in herself. A daddy’s daughter can have a perfect union with her mom’s son if she finally accepts her own and his characteristics.

Let’s take a closer look at who mom’s son is

mother's son

This is a man who is dominated by feminine qualities. This is the man whom my mother raised for herself as a replacement for her husband. She could say so: “I don’t need any husband. I have got a son. This is my only man. “

There is a stereotypical idea of ​​mother’s sons as some worthless creatures that any normal woman will not allow herself to be shot at by a cannon.

Of course, there are some. But quite often mothers’ sons look after very nicely and show themselves as “real gentlemen”. After all, mommy raised this flower for herself, so that she could be an assistant in everything and could carefully open the door for mom and put on a coat.

There are also various types among mothers’ sons:

types of sons

Radiate. This is the same “real man”, one might even say “macho”, from which women are drawn. The only joy of her mother, her “beloved man”. Mom taught me to take care of a woman. Since childhood, he has created maximum comfort for mom. It does the same in a relationship with a woman. He pampers his woman all the time. But if she gets tired of such “doing good”, he will lose interest in her. Interest will also be lost when it comes to responsibility and deeper feelings.

Suffering. This is a boy whom his mother holds on a leash and does not let go of a step from under his mother’s wing. She cannot imagine her life without her boy. If he tries to live his life, something will certainly happen to her. Such mothers manipulate their sons with diseases. And diseases can really take place, because the body knows that this is a great way to keep your son close.

Responsible. Like a responsible father’s daughter, such a mother’s son stands up for the mother offended by the father or takes care of an ailing mother, replacing her husband. Such a man is independent from childhood and can easily take care of himself. In adulthood, he often chooses the profession of a rescuer – a doctor, psychologist, firefighter, and so on. Such a mother’s son can be a good family man. They always help out in trouble, but in communication they can demonstrate some kind of invisible barrier. Often they themselves need help and support, but do not show it in any way.

Yearning. Such a boy did not have a mother or she was emotionally cold. It could also be a tough suppressive mom. His need for maternal love and affection is not satisfied. And he tries to find her in adulthood. He is good at capturing the mood of a woman, because as a child he honed this skill. It was necessary to clearly understand the mood of the mother in order to catch the moment of affection from her. Such men often turn out to be Don Juans. They try to fill the spiritual emptiness with intimate relationships, changing one woman to another.

Mothers’ sons often choose a mother-like woman to create a family. And just in this case, there are wars with the mother-in-law. Both women: both the wife and the mother-in-law compete for the right to be the only one for this man.

Write who recognized himself among the types of daddy’s daughters. Have you met your mother’s sons?

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