Daria Pynzar told subscribers about the delayed life syndrome

New Year’s Eve is a period when most of us are wondering what to give our loved ones, children, friends and, of course, our beloved. The latter is often particularly challenging, especially if you know you already have everything.

Daria Pynzar admitted that she was familiar with this condition and talked about its unobvious advantages.

Daria Pynzar on the postponed life syndrome:
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“I live in the present”

The star of the Dom-2 TV project and businesswoman Daria Pynzar, who has been happily married for many years, recently told her subscribers that she has absolutely no idea what she wants as a gift for the New Year, which puts her husband in an awkward position.

The star admitted that she is indifferent to expensive jewelry and accessories, so such a gift is not an option for her. At the same time, she does not feel an urgent need for something, because she does not have the habit of postponing her desires until the holidays. And this has its non-obvious advantages.

Daria Pynzar on the postponed life syndrome:
Photo @ darya_pinzar86

“For a month now Sergey Ivanovich has been pulling from me:“ What do I want for the New Year as a gift ”. And this question put me in a stupor. I can’t answer it. It’s not that I have everything that one can only dream of, no, of course. I only have what I need at a certain moment. I don’t like jewelry and expensive tweets (he tried to give me a very expensive watch), I know that I will not wear them. And to lie and gather dust – well, such a thing … “

So Daria came to the conclusion that she does not have a syndrome of “deferred life” – she prefers to receive everything at once, when it was required, and not to postpone it for a vague “later”. And the best gift for the holidays for her will be spending time with her husband and children.

“But in this way I realized that I live in the present. I definitely do not have the “deferred life” syndrome. If I need something, I immediately try to get it by all means. And there is no such thing that I think: “This is for a birthday, this is for the New Year.”

So the best New Year gift for me is to meet him with my beloved husband and children! ” – summed up Daria.

Daria Pynzar on the postponed life syndrome:
Photo @ darya_pinzar86

Finally, the star asked the subscribers what they would like to receive as a gift for the New Year holidays, admitting that he wants to borrow someone’s idea. By the way, many subscribers agreed with Daria and also considered that the presence of a loved one nearby would be the best gift.

  • “I totally agree with you. The main thing is that the loved one is there, the rest does not matter “, –
  • “Yes, the most important thing is the health of loved ones and spending time together is a gift,” –

Delayed Life Syndrome

The syndrome of “deferred life” is a very common and insidious phenomenon, familiar to many since the days of the Soviet Union, when all the best was postponed “for later”. We often do not notice how we forbid ourselves to rejoice and enjoy life here and now without any objective reason for this. As a result, looking back, we often experience total dissatisfaction with our own life, which seems insipid and boring, if we exclude from it minor joys, awards for ourselves and other glimpses of happiness.

By the way, most of the celebrities whose life we ​​observe, they advise not to postpone ideas and desires, but to live here and now. For example, an actress known to many from the TV series “Daddy’s Daughters” Liza Arzamasova confesses that she was born with the philosophy of living “here and now”. The star prefers to enjoy every moment and focus on the positive.

An interesting position is taken by Irina Gorbacheva, who raised the issue of the “deferred life” syndrome in one of her interviews, simply does not tolerate such a common phrase as “everything will be fine”. The actress believes that everything is already good – you just need to see and realize it. And if something does not suit us in our life, then we need to do something, change, strive for something, in a word, create our own reality, and not wait for a conditional “bright future”.

Daria Pynzar on the postponed life syndrome:
Photo @irina_gorbacheva

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