David Icke’s Net Worth

David Icke is one of the most popular authors of recent years. His novels claim that the government is responsible for the global financial crisis. Icke’s books have been translated into multiple languages and he lectures all over the world. His ten-hour lecture at the Wembley Arena in London was watched by over 6,000 people. Icke has been married twice and has four kids. His first marriage to Linda Atherton ended in divorce in 2001. He married Pamela Leigh Richards, and they divorced in 2011.

Icke was born in Birmingham, England in 1952. He is a former broadcaster and footballer who specializes on conspiracy theory. He has written more than 20 books and produced dozens of DVDs. His net worth is believed to be in the millions. The following are some of his most notable achievements. Continue reading to learn more about Icke and how he earned this wealth. His various projects will bring him more than $7 million.

David Icke’s net worth is estimated at $500,000, thanks to a successful writing career. Icke hasn’t received any awards, but his journalism work has made him a powerful journalist. His passion for his work has helped many people. As a goalkeeper, he has earned up to PS33 per week. As a writer and television personality, his net worth is expected to grow substantially.

Aside from being a successful author, David Icke is also a well-known speaker and public speaker. He is well known for his conspiracy theories, and his book titles have earned him an impressive net worth. Icke’s net worth is estimated at $717828049 by 2022. It is likely that it will not be as high as that, since Icke is still in his sixties. He was also a sports reporter at the Leicester Advertiser.

While most people don’t know it, Icke’s books have made him a household name, and his reputation as a provocateur and controversial speaker is a considerable one. While many people know about his books, few realize that David Icke’s net wealth is based on his numerous radio and TV appearances. He wrote The Truth Vibrations in 2003, a memoir that was based on his Peru experiences.

1995 saw the publication of “And the Truth Shall Free You,” which caused controversy. It questioned whether Jews were funding the Holocaust. Gary Allen, who claimed the Warburgs had funded Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, accused Icke, claiming that he was trying to spread controversy. Icke then self-published all his work. Nevertheless, his net worth rose significantly in the following years.

The conspiracy theory guru claims all political parties are working towards the same agenda. His latest book, The Illuminati Agenda claims that the global financial system has been manipulated by “opposames”, a fake opposition used to create conflicts in the past. He believes that the creation of the European Union and the state of Israel is a result of this manipulation. He is also a self-proclaimed billionaire who earns about $200k a year via YouTube ads.

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