This test will uncover your secret fears in love and relationships.

Ask yourself honestly what you are actually afraid and afraid of in your personal life. It is clear that love is not only butterflies in the stomach and a mass of passion and emotions, it is also responsibility, acceptance of changes and adaptation to another person. Then what is your worst personal relationship nightmare (often hidden and unconscious)?

Take this simplest test first. Look at the image and quickly capture what caught your eye. What you saw first reveals your secret and hidden fears associated with love. If you recognize them, then you can resist them, if not completely defeat them.

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Two hummingbirds

Your secret fear in accepting love is that you constantly feel that you are wrong in your choice. You want love, but at the same time, deep inside you are skeptical about this feeling, because you and the people around you do not seem to have global love – there is only a habit and a banal attachment.

No, you are not disappointed and until you turn into a cynic, you just have not yet met your only chosen one. When you finally meet him, you will realize that love is not a magic bullet, and it does not make you a better person. The beauty of love is that you are loved and accepted as you are, without being forced to change or pretend.


Your fear, horror and nightmare (albeit subtle) is that you are confident that love will never last forever. You have a wealth of experience in this: everything good spoiled, “rotted”, and then completely disappeared, just as it never happened. Every time you fall in love, you immediately start thinking not about the development of the relationship, but about their possible end. Of course, sometimes feelings cool off quickly.

But just because they run out, you don’t have to think that they are not worth experiencing. In the end, how then can you find your other half without ever making a mistake? Do not run away from the love of their fear that it will end badly for you personally.

Branches with leaves

You are frankly afraid that love has slipped past you for a long time, and you did not even notice it. You have had many bright relationships and love adventures, but you cannot get rid of the feeling that the one you once inadvertently brushed aside was your only one, and you overlooked it and missed it.

Take it easy and don’t worry about past mistakes and omissions. If you didn’t like something then, then it was not without a reason. Rest assured that the fun is yet to come, including the new people you meet along the way.


You are afraid of losing yourself and your individuality in love. You love the idea of ​​being in a relationship, but you’re afraid to stay in it too long for it to become routine and mundane.

You worry about spending too much time with one person, and therefore you will forget about yourself and your interests and needs – and this is the scariest thing you can imagine. You are a strong, active and active person, therefore, you should not be afraid of strong, time-tested relationships. They will only make you better and more confident in yourself.

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