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In the popular medical literature, you can read that mastopathy is one of the most common breast problems, which young girls also face. Many are panicked by this diagnosis. We offer you to understand: mammologist, specialist in the diagnosis of diseases of the mammary glands European Medical Center (EMC) Irina Vasilieva talks about what mastopathy is and how you can deal with this problem.

Irina Vasilieva
Irina Vasilyeva, mammologist, specialist in the diagnosis of diseases of the mammary glands, photo from the EMC website

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What is mastopathy

Often, women come to see a doctor who complain of pain of varying intensity and duration, and not only in the chest, but also in the shoulders and shoulder blades, seals in the glands, various discharge from the nipples. The specialist says: mastopathy. In fact, the diagnosis formulated in this way is not specific.

Moreover, in other countries, except for Russia, it is not performed at all. Indeed, translated from the Greek “masto” – “mammary gland”, and “pathos” – “disease”. That is, the term includes many different medical aspects, denoting simply some kind of breast disease. Such diagnoses are ideal for commercial use – the disease seems to exist, it needs to be treated, and what exactly happened is not very clear.

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To find out what really pathologies are observed, you need to study the female body in more detail, conduct an examination, mammography and ultrasound. And only having clearly understood what is wrong, the doctor can prescribe the correct treatment.

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Myths about mastopathy

We perfectly understand that today any patient can open the popular medical literature or the same Internet and read that mastopathy is a benign lesion of the mammary gland, when the connective tissue overgrows. Let’s deal with this moment.

The mammary gland tissues are heterogeneous, include the glandular part itself, adipose, connective tissue. With a significant proliferation of breast tissue, it is correct to speak not about pathology, but about the fibrocystic type of structure of the mammary glands. This is not mastopathy, you do not need to treat anything, it is just a feature of the body, and women are prescribed dietary supplements and homeopathy. And this is just one example of how the patient is easily caught in the myth of mastopathy.

It is also a myth that tumors arise due to mastopathy. Diseases that are associated with the mammary glands are varied. There is hyperplasia without signs of atypia, there are ductal papillomas of the mammary gland, and much more. Nothing leads to cancer except a cancerous cell.

How to treat mastopathy and should it be done?

Unfortunately, many doctors make a universal diagnosis of “mastopathy” and limit themselves to this. In some cases, the woman does not have any pathology, but many patients need additional examinations. For example, hormonal imbalance can be the cause of problems, it is necessary to identify this and find the reasons for the disruption of the body.

The best recommendation here is to find a competent competent specialist who will find out in detail if there are problems in the body and what exactly is their cause. Who understands that the mammary gland is an organ that is biochemically linked to the entire body, and much depends on how the system as a whole works.

Psychosomatics of mastopathy, according to expert Olga Bryukhanova

Olga Bryukhanova
Photo @olga_bryukhanova_psy

In a woman, a biological program has evolved, aimed at the survival of offspring. As in principle, a human survival program for reproduction.

The mammary glands are perceived as synonymous with feeding and caring and are associated with “nest conflicts.”

Mastopathy program: “I have to help the child survive”, “My nest is destroyed.”

In order for the mammary glands to start producing a large amount of milk, it is necessary to expand the milk ducts or increase the glandular tissue of the breast. This is biology.

Accordingly, the main reason for mastopathy is a woman’s worries about her children, about their survival. But in the modern world, a woman can perceive a lot as her child: her husband, her parents, a dog / cat who need help to “survive”.

The mammary gland is not only an organ of feeding and aesthetics / beauty of a woman, but also the most sensitive / vulnerable area that directly or indirectly reacts to any psychoemotional and physiological changes associated with sexual and reproductive life.

In any conflict between an organ and the psyche / brain, that is, in a disease, it is important to expand your understanding of causation. Then you can improve the condition yourself, if this does not apply to emergency intervention.

Benign Breast Diseases

It is important, in case of a symptom (pain) at the physical and organic levels, to apply the methods of manual correction of the thoracic spine, including reflexotherapy – a point acupressure effect on the sternum area, to include homeopathy.

breast cancer
Swelling on the mammary gland
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Right or left? It is necessary to consider the left and right mammary glands through the rule of lateralization, since the glands are associated with the feeling of love – as unconditional in relation to children and conditioned in relation to men, starting with the father and ending with our partners.

Right-handers react to a conflict related to a mother or child with the left side of their body, and to a conflict with a partner (anyone other than the mother and child) with the right side of the body. For left-handers, the situation is reversed.

Remember that anyone can be a child, and anything, even a bankrupt business, a company.

In 60-70%, a simple awareness of the conflict, understanding the cause-and-effect relationships, and comparing with the current events, helps people to completely get rid of diseases. A simple memory of the triggering situation and its correct perception today (a new attitude towards it) helps people not to go into chronic diseases and get rid of many diseases, without the use of toxic drugs that remove only the symptom, but not the cause.

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