how to choose and what to wear

If you haven’t made friends with one of the main trends of this summer, then it’s time to do it.

We will tell you how to choose a scarf and what to wear with it in order to be the most stylish in the new season!

How to choose a scarf?

It is better if the scarf is long and wide enough so that when you tie it, it falls beautifully through your hair. The color can be any, the main thing is that it matches the color scheme of your wardrobe, and as for the prints, the most relevant this summer are floral, abstract, geometric or just laconic brand logos.

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How to tie a scarf?

The scarf can be tied over the tail or the front strands can be gathered with it. This technique looks especially good on slightly careless curls.

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If you want to tie your hair, then tie a scarf around a bun, or if you prefer more relaxed looks, then the scarf can be used as a bandana, tied over or under the hair.

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What to wear with a scarf?

The scarf will perfectly fit into romantic looks. Delicate shades, graceful cuts, feminine prints and shoes with heels – all these details will become a harmonious basis for the image, in which the scarf will act as a stylish accent.

What to wear with a scarf?
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What to wear with a scarf?
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In cool weather, add a fluffy cardigan to your scarf look. Cozy and stylish!

What to wear with a scarf?
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A linen suit and a scarf are the formula for a trendy safari-style look that will look harmonious both in the city and at sea.

Head scarf: how to choose and what to wear with the main accessory of summer 2021
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Jeans and a T-shirt are a sure-fire option for a stylish noughties-style headscarf look.

Jeans and T-shirt
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Jeans and T-shirt 2
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