Should I choose a light or dense foundation texture?

Foundation textureNot all girls know that tonal means should not be in a single copy in a cosmetic bag. They should fundamentally differ from each other in density, finish on the skin and texture.

Let’s figure out when and which tool is better to use.

A lightweight foundation

Such products can be presented not only with tonal bases and means with a fluid texture, but also with BB and CC-creams. However, since the latter have separate features and are faced with completely different tasks, let’s talk directly about foundation with a light texture.

They create a light and weightless coverage on the skin, so their main purpose is to even out the tone and eliminate minimal pigmentation. Products with a light texture are not suitable for covering obvious imperfections in the form of inflammation, irritation and rashes.

“Light” foundations are the best option for summer make-up, since they will not affect the natural physiological processes of the skin, which change somewhat in warm weather.

Fluid-textured foundations

Fluids are liquid foundations with a light texture and a powdery finish. As a result of use, an even matte and at the same time light coverage is created on the skin.

Usually presented in the form of pipette vials. Only a few drops of the product are required for one makeup: the fluids are very pigmented.

Fluid-textured foundations

So, who is suitable for foundation with a fluid texture:

  • Owners of normal, oily and combination skin.
  • For lovers of a light, but at the same time matte finish.
  • For girls who care about the presence of the SPF factor in the tonal base.

Before use, the bottle with the product must be shaken vigorously to make it as homogeneous as possible.

To properly apply the fluid to the skin, you need to do it with a synthetic fluffy brush with light, abrupt movements. You can and should blend the product with your fingertips.

Wet Finish Foundation

Such foundation has an interesting texture. They can often look like “jelly” in the bottle. However, when you squeeze them onto your hand, you will see that they are almost as liquid as fluids.

Wet Finish Foundation

So, who is better to use these creams:

  • Owners of normal to dry skin prone to frequent flaking.
  • For girls who prefer a slightly damp finish on the skin, a subtle glow.
  • For lovers of natural nude makeup.

These foundations are generally very runny, so the best way to apply them is with a brush and sponge. The best results are obtained with a combination of the two. Apply the product with a brush and blend with a sponge.

These products are best used by girls with dry and normal skin. When using these funds for owners of oily and combination skin, there is a risk of excessive oily sheen on the face.

Anyway, before using even such tonal means, it is necessary to apply a moisturizer to the skin and allow it to be absorbed.

Dense foundations

They will become indispensable helpers for girls who are often troubled by pimples, inflammations and other skin imperfections. The fact is that dense tonal means have better durability. They are highly pigmented, so they will help to even out even the most uneven complexion.

Dense foundations

Dense tonal foundations will be faithful companions of all girls in the cold season. They don’t care about extreme weather conditions. Moreover, they will reliably protect the skin from external negative factors. Also, these funds will help you a lot at long events, because you can be sure that your complexion will be even throughout the evening.

Who are the dense tonal foundations suitable for:

  • Girls with normal, oily, combination and problem skin.
  • Inhabitants of cold regions.
  • People attending various celebrations.

However, it should be remembered that when using them, it is very important to thoroughly and regularly care for your skin. Use not only a moisturizer, but also a nourishing one.

Do not forget about fabric masks: they will help accelerate the saturation of the skin with useful substances.

If you are the owner of problem skin, remember that foundation is not a panacea. The problem, first of all, needs to be treated, not masked.

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