DIY wedding makeup

DIY wedding makeup

At a wedding, the bride should be the most beautiful, because a wedding is an event that she will remember all her life. In creating a unique image, an important role is played not only by a snow-white dress, but also by properly done makeup.

The first step is to pay attention to cleansing the skin of the face, since a clean face is the main component of any makeup. DIY wedding makeupFirst you need to cleanse your face with an alcohol-free tonic. Then a day cream suitable for the skin type is applied to the skin (read about any day creams for dry skin). Next, a thin layer of foundation, matching the skin tone, is applied to the cleansed face, as well as the décolleté and neck area using a damp sponge. If the wedding takes place in the summer, then the foundation should be water-based, non-greasy and transparent. If there are bruises, red spots, or pimples on the face, they can be successfully masked. Bruises are masked with a denser, light, slightly reddish tone, applying foundation with light touches of the fingertips. Pimples and red spots will not be noticeable if you apply a basic tone on them with a green tone added to it.

By the way, you can also correct the skin of the face using a masking pencil. To remove excess foundation, you need to blot your face with a regular paper towel. After the foundation, powder is applied to the face with a puff, excess powder is removed from the face with a foundation brush. For the period of the wedding, the bride needs to have a colorless compact powder with her in order to eliminate the oily sheen of the skin in time.

DIY wedding makeupEye makeup can be done in different ways depending on the look you are creating. In terms of intensity, wedding makeup should be like evening makeup, but it should not be too bright. In order to focus on the eyes, you need to choose a color palette that suits the eye color. For blue-eyed persons with a warm skin tone, it is recommended to bring the lower eyelid with blue shadows, and apply a peach shade on the upper eyelid. Such makeup is well suited for green-eyed eyes: green eyeliner of the lower eyelid and burgundy, red-brown, pink or purple shadows on the upper one. Brown eyes can be emphasized with a thin black eyeliner in combination with lilac or pink shades of shadows. Pastel shades, including pink, are best suited for airy wedding makeup. Pink shadows have one feature – they must be applied only to the upper eyelid (so that the eyes do not look tear-stained), bring the lower eyelid with a silver pencil. After applying the eyeshadow, you can bring your eyes up with eyeliner. In this case, the eyeliner line should be thin. Choose waterproof mascara. To create a soft look, you can use false eyelashes, which are glued in bunches. After fixing them on the skin along the edge of the eyelashes, you must paint over both the false and your own eyelashes. Also, eyelashes can be simply curled using special tweezers. To make your eyes more open, you can apply a thick coat of black mascara to your lashes.

DIY wedding makeupWhen choosing a lipstick, it is necessary to take into account the palette of colors on the eyelids, hair and skin color, and the color of the dress. For brunettes with fair skin, scarlet, bright red shades of lipstick, as well as fuchsia lipstick, are suitable. Bright blondes are advised to use peach, natural pink or floral pink lipstick shades. For a bride with light brown hair, it is preferable to use a palette of natural shades. When toning your face, apply foundation on your lips and powder. Draw the lip contour with a pencil of the same shade as the lipstick, or the natural shade of the lips, then paint over the entire surface of the lips with the same pencil. Use a lip brush to blend the pencil. Use a brush to apply lipstick to your lips. Apply a paper towel to your lips and powder your lips. Next, apply another layer of lipstick. For more stability, you can powder your lips again through a tissue paper, and then apply a third layer of lipstick. Find out what psychologists say about your favorite lipstick color and character.

When performing wedding makeup, do not forget about the eyebrows. They should also be given attention. First you need to correct their shape. Use tweezers to remove excess hairs. Using a brush and scissors, trim the top of the eyebrows and inner edges. Comb your eyebrows. Then tint the eyebrows with a pencil. A light brown pencil is suitable for blondes, black for brunettes, gray-brown for brides with light brown hair, and brown for redheads.

You can complement your makeup by sticking glitter or rhinestones under or above your eyebrow.

The final stage of makeup is the application of blush. For bridal makeup, choose a natural pink or beige blush. Apply the blush with a large brush on the cheekbones. To keep your face looking fresh and shiny, apply shiny light pink eyeshadow or blush to the cheekbones, chin, and frontal bumps. It is not recommended to use brick and brown blush in wedding makeup, as they are suitable for creating the image of a business woman.

And finally, if you decide to do your wedding makeup yourself, getting ready for the wedding, practice applying makeup to get a beautiful makeup on your wedding day.

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