does your ex still think about you?

Sometimes, just love is not enough to keep the relationship alive. You can love a person, but still leave him, since you are incompatible, have no common interests and generally do not see any future with him.

You know that the termination of such a relationship is a necessity and inevitability, however, this does not make the break easier. You realize that you need to end all contact, but you still think about your ex. You probably have moments like this when you ask yourself: “Does the ex think about me? Does he still love me? “

Today’s test will give you the answer to these questions. Look at this optical illusion and capture the image that catches the eye first. He will tell you if your ex has feelings for you.

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Colady illustration by Lara Lauren
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You yourself know the truth (knowingly or unknowingly): your ex not only still loves you, but is also waiting for your message, your call, your first step and your return. However, if you want to step into the same river a second time, you can only get temporary satisfaction, but then it will inevitably end and you will feel worse than ever before.


Your ex still thinks about you and remembers your relationship with tenderness, but these feelings are not the same love that he felt for you when you were together. He has no illusions or fantasies that you can get back together. You broke up for some reason, and the reason was good. In any case, his memories of you are very warm, and he is grateful to you for your time together.


Yes, he thinks about you, but only because the two of you never stopped communicating even after the breakup. You may not have dotted the i’s or even taken the necessary steps to make sure your relationship is really over. Now you prefer nothing insignificant conversations or meetings that lead nowhere. You know, letting go is not easy, but sometimes it is imperative.

A month in the sky

Alas, your ex-partner no longer has feelings for you. He may have good memories of his time together, but to be honest, he doesn’t think about you at all right now. Yes, this person, who was so not indifferent to you, irrevocably left and completely cut off from you. However, think about the fact that you, too, need to move in your direction for a long time, and not think about the days gone by. You deserve a new reliable partner and true love.

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