Dong Hyun Kim Vs John Hathaway Full Fight Video

This UFC Fight Night 37: Kim vs. Hathaway full fight video was released after the event on May 12. The two fighters are the winners of The Ultimate Fighter: China. The main card kicked off at 6:20 a.m. ET and ran for four rounds. Here’s a look at the highlights of this action-packed battle.

After a grueling three-fight loss to Dong Hyun Kim in his last fight, the two men meet in the UFC’s China Finale. In the main event, Dong Hyun Kim will defend his welterweight title against John Hathaway. This is Kim’s first appearance in the UFC, and he is confident of taking the welterweight belt in his next fight.

Dong Hyun Kim is a very conservative fighter. However, in this fight, he pressed forward and caught Hathaway with a spinning back elbow. Previously, Kim had only knocked out one opponent in 11 fights, but now has two consecutive knockouts. Dong Hyun is looking forward to this bout. He’s a worthy champion of the UFC.

While most of us don’t like to watch a fighter’s first fight, this one is very entertaining to watch. Dong Hyun Kim has a lot of potential in the UFC, and his fight against Hathaway at the Macao Finale could very well be a big win for his career. He’s the seventh-ranked fighter in the world, and he’ll be taking on Dominic Waters in November. If you haven’t already watched his last two KOs, you can do so here.

While Dong Hyun Kim is normally a cautious fighter, this fight ended with him finishing Hathaway with a devastating back elbow. It was his first KO of the year, and he’s already on a three-fight winning streak. He’s also the third South Korean to knockout John Hathaway. Despite the fact that he is a new fighter, he is a very impressive one.

John Hathaway is the next fighter on the list of potential KOs for this year’s UFC Fight Night. The KO of Hathaway’s head slap by Kim was the highlight of the night. The MMA fight was a good test for both fighters. Dong Hyun’s knockouts have been successful in all previous fights.

The Dong Hyun Kim vs. John Hathaway is a very exciting matchup in the main event. The fight was scheduled for five rounds and was a five-round battle, but Hathaway was able to knock out the South Korean. This is a major breakthrough for the welterweight and a great sign for the UFC’s new digital network.

Dong Hyun Kim is a conservative fighter but he did not back down against the tough John Hathaway in his fight. He pressed forward against his opponent and ended up with a spinning back elbow that he caught with his clinch. Although the result of the fight was not what many expected, it still represents a significant step for the welterweights.

The Dong Hyun Kim vs. John Hathaway is a very exciting fight. The UFC has a new digital network and it offers streaming services to watch this event. Dong Hyun Kim has a lot to prove in the UFC. He is a very aggressive fighter who often tries to control the fight by using his feet.

Dong Hyun Kim vs. John Hathaway is an exciting and tough fight that is highly anticipated for the fans. Dong Hyun fought in the UFC finals after recovering from Crohn’s disease. The fight is expected to be a knockout. In addition to this, both men have the ability to punch.

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