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In his fourth studio album, Love in the Future, John Legend redefined love with the ethereal song, All of Me. The song was written and produced by Legend, who collaborated with his partner, fashion model Chrissy Teigen, to create an anthem for love. The single has been certified Gold and received many accolades, including an Academy Award nomination. The apt title is an ode to the love of a lifetime.

The video for All of You was shot in Italy days before John Legend and Chrissy Teigen wed. It begins with a reflection of the couple, with John singing and playing the piano while the bride and groom dance and kiss. The video also features footage from the couple’s wedding at Lake Como, Italy. As the most popular song from the album, All of You has gotten over 1.5 billion views on YouTube and 7.6 million thumbs up. The video was also nominated for numerous awards, including the American Music Video of the Year.

The music video for All of You features John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. The music video begins with the singer’s reflection in a doorway. The video then follows the two in a swimming pool, kissing and making love, and ends with a shot of their wedding ceremony. While the song is a romantic love song, there are no lyrics sung about this relationship. While the video is based on the couple’s actual wedding, it is not a romantic one.

The music video for All of Me was directed by Elderkin. The music video begins with a shot of John Legend’s then-fiance, Chrissy Teigen. It ends with actual footage of their wedding day at Lake Como, Italy. The music video has over 1.5 billion views and 7.6 million thumbs up on YouTube. The music video has garnered several awards, including a Grammy and an MTV award.

The video for All of Me features Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. It features the singer performing on a piano, making love on the piano, and playing piano. The music video also shows the couple having their first kiss in a pool. After the video ends, the couple kisses and a heart-felt wedding takes place. The love story has gone viral and is the soundtrack to an amazing day.

In the music video, John Legend starred alongside Chrissy Teigen. The video began with a reflection of John in a door, and continues with pictures of the two. Later in the video, the couple kisses and plays piano. After a long and intense lovemaking journey, the couple eventually ties the knot in a beachside ceremony. It was filmed in Lake Como, Italy, and the song has received numerous awards.

The music video for All of Me is shot in Italy just a few days before John Legend and Teigen tied the knot. The video ends with a stunning footage of the actual wedding in Lake Como, Italy. The music video is the most popular song of all time on YouTube, and has received more than a billion views. Its romantic video clip has garnered more than seven million thumbs up and has received over 1.5 billion reviews.

While you might be wondering how to download a John Legend All of You mp3 for free, it’s a great way to share the music with your friends. All of the songs on the album are made by celebrities and have their own unique appeal. The video of All of Me is a love story with a touching story about the upcoming wedding of John Legend and Teigen. Moreover, the music video includes a very cute kissing scene between the two.

To download John Legend’s All of You MP3 for free, visit a music website and look for the yellow “Download” button. Once you click the button, choose a location on your computer and set the file as your destination. Be sure to use a browser that supports MP3 files. If the download fails, you might have to change the settings of your firewall or browser. If these issues have caused a problem, you can try a different browser or another PC.

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