discover yourself by your favorite nail polish color

Autumn is the perfect season for choosing rich nail polish shades. Many women have their own color favorites, which they begin to use in the fall, during the riot of natural colors.

Pick your favorite fall shade and discover how it can characterize your personality.

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1. Turquoise / mint

Shades of green create a mysterious and enticing look, but only a few ladies are bold enough to choose such a color. You are a sweet and pleasant person with a sensitive soul, but sometimes you want to seem tougher than you really are. There is a lot of love and tenderness in your heart, and you find this shade romantic and natural.

You know how to establish contact with people and quickly find your soul mate. You are very responsive, attentive, and you have an amazing ability to listen carefully to those around you.

2. Nude

If you chose nude (delicate skin tones), then you like the simple things in life. You understand that not everything should shine, flicker, shimmer and attract to itself. This is your strength. You have some hidden quirks, which is why sometimes you are considered an eccentric person.

Plus, you are incredibly charming and have an amazing sense of humor. You know what it means to be a good friend, partner and companion, and you are not alien to the concepts of loyalty and reliability. People appreciate you for your sincerity and openness.

3. Gold

The goddess is fully armed – this is how you can call those who choose golden shades! You know how to see the true, inner beauty in everything. You love glitter and glamor, and you “wear” gold very skillfully, regal and with great dignity.

You are a creative person with a lot of creative ideas and ideas, therefore you do not like office work during strictly allocated hours. You need to do something with your hands and be constantly on the move. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and doubt your ability, but then your ambition takes over. The more you focus on your goals, the further you will progress.

4. Bright red

This is a classic! Red varnish looks good at any time of the year and can be called a universal color. If you chose bright red, then you probably have some hidden qualities and talents that many do not immediately notice. You can speak quietly and calmly, but your confident tone makes people turn in your direction and listen to you carefully.

You love honesty and straightforwardness, and make decisions quickly and without hesitation. You are smart and practical, which is why you often have a great career. Yes, you are not perfect, but you are creative and organizational.

5. Black / dark blue

It is a very sexy and mysterious color. Although some women are downright afraid and avoid black polish, there is actually nothing sinister or gloomy about it. Black or navy blue also goes well with any look, as they are constantly in trend. While you are not afraid to be different, sometimes you are somewhat worried about what others think of you.

However, this fear does not dominate you, and you try to remain yourself. Your confidence looks very sexy and it attracts those around you. Your hidden strength is your belief that individuality will help you stand out and be remembered.

6. Burgundy

Burgundy is just the perfect fall color. It fits almost all outfits and never goes out of date. If you prefer burgundy, then you are the person who lives in the present, appreciates every moment and every opportunity.

You constantly celebrate life in all its manifestations, and you always try to look at the world around you in a new way. Family is very important to you, and most of your aspirations and goals are aimed at achieving well-being and stability both in your personal life and in finances.

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