Drawing with fingers and palms with children 1-3 years old

Finger drawing with baby 1-3 years oldHow does finger drawing with a child affect his development, how is it useful? The sooner parents begin to engage in child development, the easier it will be for him to study at school. Activities with young children should be structured according to their age.

You can start teaching by playing at the age of 1. Finger painting classes are ideal for this purpose.

The content of the article:

  1. The benefits of finger painting for toddlers
  2. How and on what to draw
  3. Precautions and rules
  4. 6 finger and hand drawing ideas

Benefits of finger painting at a young age

Painting with paints is a fun type of educational activity. Parents, engaged in such developmental activities with the baby, establish psychological contact and trusting friendly relations with him.

Drawing classes are not only fun.

In the process of working on a drawing, the child:

  • Develops hand motor skills – which in turn has a beneficial effect on abstract thinking and speech development;
  • Learns about the existence of new objects, learns ways to interact with them.
  • Gets an idea of ​​the shape and color of the objective world around him;
  • Working with small objects, develops coordination of movements;
  • Receives a large number of positive emotions;
  • Develops taste.

From the drawings of a child over 3-4 years old, one can judge the feelings of the young artist. Through the color and the specific arrangement of the characters in his drawings, the baby expresses his fears of anxiety.

Video: Drawing with fingers from 1 to 2 years old

Finger painting techniques for children 1-3 years old – what can you draw with?

A child can start drawing from an infant period – after he has begun to sit well. The first drawing lessons can be given by the mother herself – even if she believes that she does not have artistic abilities.

Young children find it very easy to draw with fingers and palms.

The first lessons are conducted as follows:

  1. To begin with, the child can be given several colors. Enough 3-4 basic.
  2. A small album sheet for drawing with palms is completely inappropriate. Here you will need a large Whatman sheet, or a piece of wallpaper.
  3. The child should be dressed in such things that are not a pity, or, if the room is warm enough, undress to the panties. The young artist will definitely smear himself and try to depict something on himself.

Drawing with fingers and palms with children 1-3 years old

The first steps of a child in art will resemble paintings by abstract artists. It is not worth trying to get your baby to complete certain tasks. He will not be able to draw neatly, since he is not yet good enough with his own hands.

From one to two years of age, a child can draw with his fingers. on semolina sprinkled on a tray… The material for drawing can be tinted in advance – and scattered in different jars. Before class, the groats are poured in small slides on different edges of the tray, and the child is invited to mix it like sand with his palms. Then run your fingers over the resulting multi-colored surface, leaving a mark. Invite the child to repeat the action.

Drawing with fingers on semolina

With a child from 2 years old, playing with visual means can be a little more complicated. At the beginning of the lesson, the plane is covered with unpainted material. Then the mother is shown to the child how to draw lines with her fingers, and then – with a trickle of painted semolina. For this purpose colored cereals are poured into rolled paper bags, in which a small hole remains below.

Drawing with fingers on colored semolina

You can paint with children using any available means:

  1. Crumpled paper.
  2. Toothbrushes.
  3. Natural material (leaves, thuja twigs, blades of grass).
  4. Pieces of fur.
  5. Cotton swabs.
  6. Cloth scraps.

One-year-old children are not able to draw perfectly flat geometric shapes and complex objects. The kid’s drawing consists of a set of dashes – lines, scribbles and spots.

The more often a child draws, the more complex and interesting his work becomes.

Finger drawing with baby 1-3 years old

Precautions for finger painting with toddlers one to three years old

Drawing with kids who taste everything can only be done with paints that are safe for their health.

Suitable for this purpose:

  1. Russian-made gouache (Gamma).
  2. Finger paint.
  3. Honey watercolor.

How do I prepare the painting area?

  • Watercolors are preliminarily diluted with water, creating a pasty mass.

You cannot take materials with an expired shelf life for lessons in children’s creativity. They can cause allergic reactions in a child!

  • It is better to pour the paint into saucers. It is difficult for a child to accurately dial the required amount of coloring composition with a finger. It is much easier for babies to place their palm completely in a flat container.
  • It is good if there is a small vessel with warm water next to it. In it, the child can wash his hands at the time of the color change.

Finger drawing with baby 1-3 years old

While drawing, the baby should not be left alone., otherwise he will definitely taste all the colors. The same applies to art lessons using semolina.

In the course of classes you need to make sure that the child does not accidentally inhale semolina… Babies and one-year-olds are happy to knock and clap their palms on the painted surface while drawing.

It is useless to expect from the kid that he will be able to be creative without smearing his clothes. Except for the artist himself, everything within a radius of one meter will be in paints, including his parents. Therefore, it is better immediately set aside a place for practice, which will then be easy to clean… The floor covered with oilcloth is ideal for drawing with babies from 1 to 3 years old.

Finger and hand drawing ideas for children 1-3 years old

The first drawing lessons should last from 5 to 10 minutes… Kids get tired very quickly, it is difficult for them to concentrate their attention on one type of activity.

Any educational activity with preschoolers is carried out in the form of a game – especially since this rule applies to children of the very young age.

During the lesson, the parents show the child what to do. They dip their finger in paints first and draw lines with them. All actions should be accompanied by explanations.

1. Drawing with palms “Sun”

The lesson can be conducted with children from 1 year old.

This work is done on a sheet of blue paper or cardboard.

Drawing with fingers and palms with children 1-3 years old - sun

At the beginning of the lesson, the mother puts the baby in her arms. Then, in the very center of the sheet, she draws a yellow circle with her palm. A child draws stylized sun rays with his palm. To make the drawing work, the mother holds and guides the baby’s hand.

After the sun circle with the rays is ready, the mother draws a wreath and the face of the sun with the baby’s fingers.

2. Drawing with fingers “Rain”

Recommended for children from 1 to 2 years old.

One blue or light blue color is enough to do this job. During the lesson, the mother shows the baby how to depict falling raindrops with her fingers.

Drawing with fingers and palms with children 1-3 years old - rain

It is difficult to expect a child to perform a task perfectly. The main task is to teach him how to draw stripes with his fingers in one direction.

As a result, it develops:

  1. Hand motility.
  2. Coordination of movements.
  3. Visual memory.

4. Drawing “Underwater world”

This work is recommended for children from 2 to 4 years old. At the first stage, parents create a background with their child, it is easy to cover it with blue paint using:

  1. Pieces of sponge.
  2. Crumpled paper.
  3. Cotton pad.

The rocky bottom is created with short finger strokes. The color of the stones can be any, depending on the imagination of children and their parents. Mom draws several algae with vertical long wavy lines of green and red and invites the baby to repeat her movements.

Drawing with fingers and palms with children 1-3 years old - underwater world

After the background is completely drawn, you can start drawing the fish. An adult invites the child to dip his palm in one of the prepared saucers with paint.

After that, a print of the baby’s palm is left anywhere in the drawing. In this case, the direction of the fingers should be horizontal relative to the drawn bottom. The thumb, printed on paper, will represent the fin of a fish, and the rest of the fingers will leave a mark similar to its tail.

All fish should be of different colors, eyes and mouth are drawn by them at the end of the work with the child’s finger.

4. Drawing “Carrot”

The simplest thing to do. Can be carried out with children under 1 year old.

Drawing with fingers and palms with children 1-3 years old - carrot

Parents draw the root crop according to the template, or by hand. The upper green part of the plant is drawn with the child’s palm.

In the process of work, the mother pronounces the names of the colors used.

5. Tulips

This lesson teaches the elements of appliqué and palm drawing. Recommended for children from 1 to 3 years old.

Drawing with fingers and palms with children 1-3 years old - tulips

The baby’s palm prints in yellow and red represent flower cups.

Mom cuts out the stems and leaves of the flower from green paper – and sticks it with the child.

5. Festive fireworks

The drawing is done using cotton pieces tied tightly with threads in the shape of a ball (polyethylene, a sponge is suitable for this purpose). Each color should have its own cotton ball.

A black sheet of paper or cardboard is taken as a basis.

Drawing with fingers and palms with children 1-3 years old - fireworks

Mom makes the first strokes with cotton stamps herself, then invites the child to repeat her actions. When there are already enough colored balls, with your fingers draw several vertical lines slightly inclined from the center.

The drawing is ready.

6. Herringbone

The lesson is conducted with children from one and a half years old.

Drawing with fingers and palms with children 1-3 years old - herringbone

Mom uses a ruler to draw a base for the Christmas tree (trunk and branches). The branches are located strictly horizontally to the trunk. Then the child is asked to mark green prints along the lines with his fingers.

The purpose of this activity is to teach your toddler how to coordinate their movements.

By the New Year with a child, you can make a lot of crafts with your own hands, as well as diversify your leisure time

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