Dressing up Meryl Streep in modern outfits

As part of the Transformations project, our team decided to conduct a bold experiment and imagine what the famous Hollywood actress Meryl Streep could look like in modern clothes if her age stopped at around 35 years old.

Hollywood star Meryl Streep began her film career with Julia, starring Jane Fonda, Maximilian Schell and Vanessa Redgrave. The film was warmly received by the public and critics, but the role of Meryl was ignored. After that, the actress began to actively act in films and at the moment there are more than fifty films in her piggy bank.

In the first 15 films, the actress became a widow five times, once her fiance did not live to see the wedding, seven times her character lost a child, she herself died twice and once went mad. After that, she said, “Enough,” and began to play only the roles of those women who became the masters of their own destiny.

Dressing up Meryl Streep

The frenzied energy of the actress makes her get used to the role without a trace: for the sake of a picture, she can learn a foreign language or perform stunts instead of stuntmen.

Dressing up Meryl Streep1

Now she treats her age with humor, but if she were in our time between the ages of thirty and forty, she would look great in any style. For example, in everyday life, with an unpretentious backpack and cute hearts in the decor:

Dress up Meryl Streep2

Or in a denim shirt that symbolizes confidence and openness:

Dress Up Meryl Streep3

And for a meeting to discuss the script, I could wear a light dress in a classic style:

Dress Up Meryl Streep4

Her colleagues believe that she has achieved excellence in her roles. She herself believes that she is simply obliged to make the world a better place by bringing unforgettable characters to life.

Dress Up Meryl Streep5

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