DuBro Products Overview

DuBro is the one-stop solution for radio-controlled cars, boats, aircraft, etc. The quality of DuBro is unmatchable in the industry. And the best part about DuBro products is they make their products in their manufacturing factory. They produce approximately 4/5th of their products in-house.

History of DuBro

Modelers across the globe are well aware of DuBro products. The company sells more than 1200 products globally and created a benchmark in this niche. It was not built overnight; it’s the result of 58 years of hardworking and brainstorming. The company was started in 1959 by Dewey Broberg. Initially, they began with airplane-related parts and accessories.

Gradually, they extended their product lines for slot cars and trucks. In the 1970s, the company introduced the helicopter segment. Then in 1982, Dewey decided to launch its fishing division. In 1993, Dewey announced his retirement as he realized his successors were ready to take over. Later in 1997, the company came to the archery division and continued its brilliance.

Unique Selling Points(USPs)

The family-owned business prides itself on producing everything it sells in its place. It includes drilling, tooling, tapping, vacuum-forming, assembling, and punch-pressing. The company also takes care of complex processes like injection molding, rotational foam molding, rotational molding, screw machining, and blow molding.

The marketing and advertisement department has a printing press. They manage all the promotional activities rather than with the help of an agency. The whole process helps them in cost-cutting and maintaining superior quality.

Different Product Lines

A wide range of products is available. As mentioned earlier, DuBro makes products for different segments like airlines, boats, cars & trucks, and Drones / Quadcopters. They are as follows.

  1. Adhesives
  2. Ball Links
  3. Building Supplies
  4. Collars / Wheel Collars
  5. Control Horns
  6. Drone / Quadcopter
  7. E/Z Connectors
  8. Electric / Park Flyer
  9. Fasteners
  10. Fuel and Gasoline Accessories
  11. Glo-Plug Igniters
  12. Hinges
  13. Kwik Links / Clevis
  14. Landing Gear
  15. Large / Giant Scale
  16. Motor Mounts
  17. Mounting Bolt Sets
  18. Prop Accessories
  19. Pull-Pull Accessories
  20. Push Rods / Accessories
  21. Radio Accessories
  22. Tailwheels / Brackets
  23. Tires / Wheels
  24. Tools
  25. Wing Bolts

The DuBro Fishing Segment

DuBro fishing segment is one of the successful product segments that the company launched later. Their collections include:

  1. Clothing & Gear
  2. Boat flag clips
  3. Fishing knot tying tools
  4. Dewey baits soft plastics
  5. Fishing lure & leader storage
  6. Downrigger trolling release clips
  7. Fishing lure-making tools
  8. Fishing rod holders rack
  9. Slip bobber accessories
  10. Fishing wire leader tools.

Buying Guide for DuBro Products

Searching for door hinges or RC vehicle wheel hubs? DuBro has a sale on its products most of the time. And their price range averages between $8 -$10, which is affordable. Moreover, as they manufacture their products, you can expect better quality and easy replacement in case of any manufacturing defaults.

Where Can I Buy DuBro Products?

You can buy DuBro products by visiting its stores or online. Various online shopping giants have an extensive collection of their products. The E/Z connector that joins cables and pushrods is their best-selling product.

First comes your needs which means why you want to buy. Then comes your budget, which indicates how much money you want to spend on that. Then read the review and feedback of the product. With this simple four-step formula, you can buy a quality product from DuBro.

Final Words

Barring the hobby segment, DuBro’s goods are used in different manufacturing industries. For example, they supply items to NASA and the military. The company’s continuous quest to make unique SKUs makes them different from their competitors.

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