Effective methods for planning the gender of the baby

methods for planning the sex of the childYou are planning to have a child and at the same time want to determine in advance who you will have – a boy or a girl, then this article is for you. Do you think which month of the year is best for conception?

Today we will tell you about the most modern and effective methods for planning the sex of a child.

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Clinical methods for planning the sex of the child

Child gender planning methodsModern medicine has several effective methods of planning the sex of a child, which give a rather high probability of the birth of such a desired son or daughter. However, they are all related with new reproductive technologies, in this regard, and are not very cheap.

  • methods for planning the sex of the childPre-implantation gender diagnostics Is the most modern and reliable method for planning the sex of a child. However, it is very expensive as it includes an IVF procedure. The essence of the method: the embryos obtained by the IVF method are genetically examined, determining their sex. Thus, after dividing the embryos, the necessary ones are implanted into the uterus. This diagnostic method was developed to prevent genetically transmitted diseases from parents to children. Today, this is the most reliable way of planning the sex of a child, in the event that you manage to get pregnant. With IVF, pregnancy occurs in about 45% of cases;
  • methods for planning the sex of the childSperm laser flow sorting method (MicroSort method) developed by US scientists. Its essence lies in the selection of spermatozoa with an X chromosome using modern laser technology. After taking a part of the sperm with the selected set of chromosomes, it is injected into the uterus to fertilize the egg. Sperm cells are implanted into the uterus using ICSI, and fertilization occurs naturally. This technique works in 90% of cases when planning a girl, in 70% – a boy.
  • methods for planning the sex of the childEarly sex determination of the embryo – is used mainly for diagnosing hereditary diseases. But it can also be used when planning the sex of the child. The essence of the method: having determined the sex of the embryo in utero, the unwanted embryo is aborted. This method has a high level of effectiveness, however, the World Health Organization and other public organizations consider it ethically unacceptable. Therefore, it is rarely practiced.

Non-clinical gender planning techniques

Such methods are available to all segments of the population, but their effectiveness has not been confirmed by scientific research, they do not have clear statistics. This means that there are no guarantees that the forecast will come true.

  • Ovulation method

    methods for planning the sex of the childThis method has a fairly high efficiency – 80% of cases. However, in order for the planning to go well, it is necessary to determine the exact day of ovulation. The method itself is based on the difference between spermatozoa with a Y-chromosome and an X-chromosome. The latter reach the ovum much faster than the former. But sperm with the X chromosome are tenacious, they can exist in the fallopian tubes for several days. Therefore, if you want to conceive a son, you need to stop sexual intercourse 7 days before ovulation. And you need to resume them exactly on the day of ovulation. But if you want to have a daughter, then 2 days before ovulation, stop having sex.

  • Blood renewal theory

    methods for planning the sex of the childThis theory is based on the cyclical renewal of the body of a man and a woman, depending on the date of birth. For women, this process occurs once every three years, and for men, once every four years. To correctly plan the sex of the baby, it is necessary to divide the mother’s age by 3, and the father’s age by 4. Compare the rest, which is less, is the same as the sex of the unborn child. That is, the baby will have the sex of the parent whose blood was later renewed.

  • Chinese baby gender planning calendar. Floor planning table

    Ancient Chinese tables of planning the sex of the child – as strange as it sounds, but the percentage of reliability of this method is quite high – twenty%… According to this table, the sex of the child depends on the month of conception and the age of the mother. You can check the table using the age and month of conception of the child of your friends or relatives.
    baby gender planning table

  • Japanese method of planning the sex of the child. Floor planning table

    The method is based on the month of conception of the baby and the age of his future parents. First, you need to find in the table the number that does not intersect the months of birth of the father and mother.
    Japanese baby gender planning calendar
    Then we find the resulting number in the vertical column on the left of the graph, and n against it, in the line we find the month of conception. Then, we look at the graph opposite the month of conception. If it hits the bottom half, then you have a girl, and if it hits the top half, you have a boy. In this case, the probability of correct planning increases with the amplitude of the deviation from the middle.
    Japanese baby gender planning calendar
    This method has a very low efficiency, only 5-6%… But since it does not harm the health of the expectant mother and baby, it has a right to exist.

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