Emma Brooks Net Worth

Emma Brooks Net Worth – How Much Is Emma Brooks Worth?

The net worth of Emma Brooks is a matter of speculation, especially because of her social media star status. The social media star and model was born in Louisiana, and raised in Houma. She was crowned Miss Louisiana Teen USA in 2019 and grew up in the city. Emma Brooks first gained fame with her instagram videos, which were featured on the popular YouTube channel TiKToK. Today, she boasts of over 1.7 million followers and is constantly posting videos for her fans. She has even collaborated with famous DJs to create her videos.

TikTok has 3.7M users

Emma Brooks is an American social media influencer and TikTok star. She is known for her self-titled TikTok account. Born on 28 May 2002, she is of American nationality. She is caucasian in appearance. She is from a Christian family. She attended Vandebilt Catholic Excess College before joining Forbes Modeling Company in Baton Rouge. She now has 3.7M followers via TikTok.

The young girl started her social media journey at a very young age, and today has a huge number of followers. She has more than 35k followers on youtube and 2M followers on her TikTok account. She has also developed a strong following on her TikTok account, and there are many opportunities for her to earn more. Brooks is currently a member of Simply A Home, a content collective.

35K subscribers to her youtube channel

The British YouTuber, aged 24, has already attracted 35K subscribers to her channel. She is a member the TikTok content collective and has posted several videos to her account. Emma joined youtube on 24 August 2012 and has over 35K subscribers. She has many earning opportunities, with more than 35K subscribers. Just as she is a part of Just A House, her YouTube channel is also a hit with TikTok users.

The YouTube sensation was born on May 28, 2002 in Houma, Louisiana. She is currently 19 years old as of 2021. She is a Gemini sign, also known as the Twins. She attended a private school for her early education and graduated from High School. Her lip-sync video has more than 150K views. Brooks is currently in a relationship with Zack Lugo, a fellow TikTok star.

Along with her 3.7 million followers on TikTok, Brooks also has 2 million followers on Instagram. In addition to her YouTube channel, she has a thriving Instagram account with over 35K subscribers. She also has several other popular social media accounts. She has worked with Prada, Aritzia, Steve Madden, and Herve Leger, and has even collaborated with fashion brands.

$900k net worth

Emma Brooks McAllister has a net worth of $300k to $400k, but it’s hard to find details about her personal life. The former Miss Louisiana Teen USA has made a name for herself as a Tik Tok star. While her net worth may be modest, it’s a pretty good starting point. This young woman is a natural communicator and has a lot of experience acting in TV and movies.

The actress, who starred on the television shows Entourage, CSI:NY and CSI:Mexico, is also a YouTube sensation, with more than five million subscribers. She also has a website called Whitepages, which offers comprehensive contact information for over 275 million people in the U.S. Its background check service, Whitepages SmartCheck, compiles criminal records for Americans. Whitepages TenantCheck also provides tenant screening services.

McAllister, who is 19 years old, was born in Louisiana. She has a plethora of fans on social media, and is managed by the MMG agency. She wears a bra cup size of 34 C. She also has an adjustable closure. Although her net worth is unknown, her social media presence has brought her a lot of attention. She’s also able to keep a steady income teaching kids how to make their lives easier.


The education of Emma Brooks McAllister is not known to the public. But she has completed high school. She has not yet revealed the location of her studies. Her love for fashion and styling have been with her since childhood. Her parents have always taken care of her needs, which has helped her succeed as a model. While she has not revealed any details about her educational background, she has attended a public high school in the United States.

She was born in Houma, Louisiana, USA, and went on to attend the local high school where she discovered her passion for acting and lip-syncing. She became a social media star in 2016 when she posted videos to her TikTok profile. The following year, she was crowned Miss Louisiana Teen USA. She was the daughter of a Christian family. She later joined the Forbes Modeling Agency in Los Angeles and Baton Rouge.

Brooks had a dream to teach literature in high schools before she entered public education. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Southern Oregon University and a master’s degree in education from the University of Alaska Anchorage. She didn’t like Alaska’s culture and decided she would like to teach literature in high school. Despite her enthusiasm, she decided that she would take the plunge. The education of Emma Brooks will help readers understand her story in an entertaining way.


TikTok star and social media influencer Emma Brooks is sporting some cool tattoos. Her TikTok account, which she calls herself, has more than 3.7million followers. Brooks also has a YouTube channel with a self-titled title, which has over 35K subscribers. Emma Brooks was born on 28 May 2002 in Houma, Louisiana. She attended Vandebilt Catholic Excess College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Forbes Modeling Company.

Brooks has a new tattoo of the Chicago skyline. Brooks wanted to preserve a memory of her childhood, but also let people know she isn’t a native Chicagoan. It was also a way to say goodbye to the Windy City. Brooks will soon be moving from Windy City to Los Angeles, despite her love for it. Brooks hopes to move into scripted TV as she continues to grow her career.


Emma Brooks is a social media star who was born on 28 May 2002. Her age as of 2021 is 19. She is a Gemini (the sign of twins) and completed her early education from a private school in the USA. In addition to her social media career, she also has a self-titled YouTube channel and over 35K subscribers. While her income is unknown, her personal life and relationships are incredibly interesting.

The social media star has a net worth of $400K USD. The majority of Emma Brooks’ earnings come from her Instagram and YouTube accounts. Sponsorships and modeling projects are other sources of income. The following are some of the most prominent ways Emma Brooks earns money. Emma Brooks’ Instagram account boasts more than 2.3 million followers. In addition, she earns thousands of dollars from sponsorships. While these income streams are not the main source of Emma Brooks’ revenue, they are significant to her success.

Emma Brooks earns through endorsements and sponsorships. She currently earns between $5K to $15K per TikTok video that she creates. Her YouTube channel, which she started in 2012, has over 35k subscribers. Her hobbies include tattoos and travel. She also makes a living from her personal life. Despite being a teenager, Emma Brooks’ net worth is increasing rapidly. Despite her relatively modest income, she is a very active YouTube star. Listed below are some of her best-known videos.

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