Eric Jones Magician Net Worth

Eric Jones – Magician Net Worth

Eric Jones is a celebrated American magician known for stunning the judges of America’s Got Talent with one of his auditions on that program in 2017 by seemingly walking through a glass wall! Since then he has graced television programs as well as tours around the globe with his amazing magic act.

He is a regular performer at Hollywood’s famed Magic Castle and holds an inaugural residency at Liberty Magic, Pittsburgh’s premier magic venue. Additionally, he has delighted audiences at two presidential inaugurations as well as consulting for Fortune 500 companies and authoring multiple magic books.

He excels at close-up coin magic and sleight of hand, drawing inspiration from Harry Houdini. Additionally, his performances focus on large-scale illusions to dazzle audiences; often seen wearing gilded outfits surrounded by assistants.

Eric Jones is not only known for his professional magic; he’s also an accomplished race car driver. He has won multiple races in NASCAR Cup Series, Xfinity Series and Craftsman Truck Series competitions and been recognized with two Sunoco Rookie of the Year awards.

Eric is also well-known on social media. With more than 200,000 followers on Instagram alone, he regularly updates followers about his life and work – such as magazine articles or television appearances.

Eric is also an avid racing enthusiast and has participated in various charity races; raising money for cancer research via these endeavors.

Rumors circulate that Erik is dating someone, though these have yet to be confirmed. With an established fan base on social media and his team constantly looking for ways to engage his supporters more deeply with Erik himself and their cause, there may also be sponsorship or endorsement projects available for Erik to work on.

Erik has won several accolades during his career, such as being nominated for an ESPY Award as Best Male Pro Athlete. His sponsors have included DeWalt, Sport Clips, Reser’s, Simpson & Stanley; in addition to racing he maintains an active YouTube channel where he shares his love of magic.

Eric Jones is an experienced entertainer with vast expertise across all forms of performance. He has performed at high-end private events, presidential inaugurations, Fortune 500 companies globally and Penn and Teller Fool Us television show; additionally he is an author and magician consultant to several Fortune 500 companies such as Merrill Lynch, State Farm, Amazon Google Coca Cola. Eric currently resides in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

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