Erica Watson Comedian Net Worth

Erica Watson Net Worth

Erica Watson was an American stand-up comedian and writer. She made several film appearances including Precious and Chi-Raq as well as hosting a local talk show. A graduate of Kenwood Academy with BA and MA degrees from Columbia College Chicago, Erica also became part of Chicago theater community as an alumni of St Thomas the Apostle Elementary School; additionally starring in short film BlacKorea before succumbing to complications associated with COVID-19 at 48 years of age.

Throughout her career, she was involved with numerous social causes. Additionally, she provided financial support to local arts programs and small businesses in Chicago while authoring several books as well as creating comedy routines that tackled size acceptance, race relations and gender stereotypes with humor.

She has appeared on various television programs such as ABC, CBS, FOX, HLN, Oxygen and TV Guide. Additionally, she made guest appearances on radio programs like WGN and Sirius XM as well as regularly contributing to Windy City Live talk show; additionally appearing frequently as guests on other local television programs as well.

The comedian was known for her quick wit and larger-than-life personality, making her an integral figure on VH1’s reality show Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Klass6 was founded by her, as was its beauty line; and according to sources she is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $700 thousand.

Families and friends have paid her the ultimate tribute on social media. They praise her as a hidden gem that advocates for unnoticed businesses and causes. Additionally, they highlight her ability to bring laughter even in difficult times.

Erica Watson had many passions and made sure to savor each day to the fullest extent. She loved her family ardently, embracing her role as auntie with enthusiasm; especially helping out her nieces and nephews even though she did not have children of her own.

She was also an active participant in Chicago theatre community events and made appearances on numerous morning talk show ‘Windy City Live’ as a regular panelist; additionally she made guest appearances on other local TV programs, cable channels such as BET and Oxygen; as well as frequent radio appearances like ‘The Bob & Sherry Show’.

Erica Watson did not reveal any personal details to the media regarding her family life or any details regarding husband or children, although she was very active on social media where her fans expressed their sadness upon her passing.

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