Linda Hart Net Worth

Linda Hart Net Worth

Linda Hart has amassed an estimated multi-billion dollar fortune through her distinguished career as an actress, comedian and producer. Linda is most well known for her roles as Miranda in the BBC sitcom of the same name that ran from 2009-2015 and earned multiple Royal Television Society and British Comedy Award nominations. Additionally she appeared in Hyperdrive and Not Going Out as well as being part of French and Saunders comedy duo.

Linda Hart is also an active philanthropist, contributing generously towards medical research, education and humanitarian aid. Her contributions are focused on medical research, humanitarian aid and Loma Linda University where she served on its board for over two decades; additionally she was a key force behind founding Students for International Mission Service and Social Action Community Health System.

Bessie Hart has also donated to arts organizations like the Dallas Symphony and New York Philharmonic, where she and Mitch Hart have been major donors donating over $10 million combined. Most recently, Linda and Mitch Hart established The Linda & Mitch Hart Lobby at DSO which will enable them to showcase their talents more widely than before during a challenging year.

The Harts have also contributed significantly to the growth of the University’s research program through gifts to endowed chairs and institutes, including their most recent gift: the Hart Center for Therapeutic Trials for Cognitive and Memory Disorders – one of the largest gifts ever received by any academic institution! – as part of a larger individual giving initiative this year.

Linda Hart has held memberships in numerous professional organizations such as the World Presidents’ Organization, Chief Executives’ Organization, Who’s Who in American Business and Dallas Opera’s board. Additionally she served on their Dallas Symphony Association board and New York Philharmonic’s. Linda is well known as an expert in corporate and securities law; co-authoring an influential treatise on master limited partnerships (MLPs) and investment limited partnerships (ILPs).

Linda Hart despite her immense wealth is deeply committed to Tibetan Buddhism and practices it in Montana where she has established a retreat. Additionally, she has written a book on it and travels around to teach others about it as a Buddhist teacher. Linda also makes charitable donations including supporting the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon and 2011 BET Awards, contributing money from her earnings towards them respectively. Linda is married and has two children and currently resides on W Elm Street in Phoenix with two of these living elsewhere such as Deerfield Beach or Lake City Florida as she may also be related to Kim Hart, Brent Hart or Jerilynn Moore among others.

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