Everything You Should Know About Arch Support 

People suffer several foot issues, and many originate from wearing the wrong footwear. Also, the weight of your body rests on your foot, so choosing the proper cushioning and support in your shoe is very important. Hence, going for arch support footwear is the best solution. 

Arch supports are a variety of shoe inserts that support the foot arches. It can be custom-moulded support or a basic pad. 

If you wish to know why everything about arch support and how it can benefit you, read the following section.

Benefits Of Arch Support

Pressure Diffusion

The ball and heel of your foot endure maximum pressure. The pressure is diffused and distributed on the arch, heel, and ball when you have good arch support. Therefore, you experience less fatigue even after walking throughout the day.  

Pain Management

High-quality arch support footwear not only supports the feet but also provides adequate support to the body. It can effectively decrease fatigue and pain in the lower back, knee, and hip and help with other alignment issues.

Prevent Or Decrease Pain

People often choose a support mechanism to alleviate inflammation or injury. But arch support can also guard your feet against long-term issues. 

Balance And Stability

Arch support offers more stability and the right balance as you run, walk or stand. The reason is arch supports fill the gaps in the arch providing a more steady surface area for the feet.

Prevent Harm

Many choose art support to prevent foot injuries, pain, or inflammation. With the proper footwear, you can also prevent common issues like falling arches, plantar fasciitis, and overpronation. 

Types Of Arch Supports

There are various types of arch supports available, and the common ones are:


Gel arch supports are flexible and soft and are ideal for relieving foot strain, pain, and fatigue.

Heat Mouldable

Heat mouldable supports comprise specialised materials that can resist heat. Also, they contour the feet’ shape for the perfect fit and comfort.

Heavy Duty

Heavy-duty arch supports are ideal for obese individuals weighing over 200 pounds, often suffering from lower back pain and other common foot pains.


Wool insoles can provide extra insulation to withstand winter months and add support to lessen foot pain.  

Memory Foam

Memory foam insoles are thick and come in full length. Hence, they are appropriate for footwear with detachable soles.

Things To Consider Before Buying Arch Support

Look at the following three vital factors to make your choice

Material: The most common materials used in arch support footwear are EVA and polyurethane. These materials offer good shock absorption, rebound, and impact.

Footbed: You either get a footbed in 3/4th length or full length. You can place the former type of footbed under or on top of the existing one and the latter by replacing the current shoe insoles.

Arch type: The three types of arch include normal, high, and low arch. When your feet are wet, you can identify the arch type by looking at the bare footprint on an even and hard surface. 

If your feet lie in close contact with the ground, leaving a full mark on the surface, it indicates you have lower arch feet. If you notice the heel and ball of the feet, without any mark of the middle, you have high arch feet. 

Human bodies have complex functions that require some help once in a while to perform adequately. Choosing the right footwear can do a lot of good to your body and promote your overall wellness. So, keep your feet happy and pain-free, which could help you adapt to the natural processes of ageing or get used to a new working schedule.  

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