Different Business Card Ideas For Different Businesses

Business cards are necessary in the professional world as they contain important business information that can bring in new opportunities. There are several types of business cards having different specifications tailored for a particular individual or profession. Now, with quick business card printing services, you don’t have to wait several weeks to get the delivery of cards. So, kickstarting your business has now gotten easier. All you must do is choose among the different business cards available. Go through the following section and make your pick.

Classic Business Card

If you don’t have an idea for a business card, it’s alright. Starting a business is a hard enough task. In that case, you can go for a classic business card. The card must contain basic information like the company’s name, address, email id, name of the person holding the card, contact number, and business details. These cards look professional with their white background and use of any bold standard font. 

Wild Format Business Card

Some organisations like experimenting with different card formats, so going with a wild format can be an option for you. For example, you can use a huge hold format instead of your regular card. And with quick business card printing, you don’t have to worry about such last-minute changes and delivery. 

When you go with a wild business card, it gets noticed immediately due to its catchy format. But, one thing you must think about beforehand preparing the cards is the convenience of storage by the people you give them to. 

Social Business Card

The business card of a social networker speaks volumes about the person’s communication habits. Such business cards do not mention traditional ways of communication. Instead, URLs of Facebook, Twitter accounts, or other media websites are printed innovatively. 

Nowadays, there is a trend of printing QR codes on business cards. This way, you can have a minimalist card that looks smooth and clean, and the client can access any information by scanning the code.

Oriented Business Cards

Business cards can be vertical or horizontal, depending on the organisation. If you’re a creative person using a vertical business card can make you stand out and create a bold statement. However, fitting all the information within such a narrow space can be challenging.

Horizontal cards are conventional that reflect confidence, trust, and stability. Hence, these are perfect for real estate, sales, and finance professionals. 

Personal Business Cards

Many businessmen use two different types of business cards. Personal business cards usually have a personal contact number, email ID, and other business contact details, and you can give them to a specific group of customers.

Usually, you can give it to someone who is professionally superior or equal in position. If you’re wondering, having two business cards would help you optimise opportunities better, and you don’t want to lose any time; quick business card printing can provide an instant solution. 

Profession-Specific Business Cards

Some like to innovate with business card designs. A piano company likes to have a piano-shaped card, or a photographer may have a camera-shaped card representing the profession that also looks catchy. While these cards are profession-specific cards, they don’t send out more of a casual vibe rather than a formal business card vibe. 

Of late, people have taken experimentation with business cards a notch higher. No matter your design, your business card must create a distinctive impression on your clients. If you want to experiment with design, you can browse through different templates and spruce up the way you wish to represent your business. But remember to check printing mistakes, as even the smallest of issues can affect your credibility and cause embarrassment for your company.  

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