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A beautiful face – all girls dream about it. Eyebrows play an important role in the realization of this desire. If you choose the right shape for them, they will perfectly emphasize the natural beauty of the face and the expressiveness of the look.

You will learn how to make eyebrows at home by reading the article.

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Correct eyebrow shape – how to make an eyebrow shape at home?

To create the right brow shape, there are many factors to consider: facial features and shape, direction of the corners of the eyebrows and other. By adhering to our following recommendations, you can easily do eyebrow shaping at home.

Correct form:

  • Classic rounded smooth eyebrows perfect for any face shape. They will not only open the eyelid, but also slightly rejuvenate your face;
  • Eyebrows “house” (triangular shape) is suitable for girls who, by nature, have a slightly raised eyebrow center. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking surprised every day;
  • Rounded arched eyebrows were popular not only during the Soviet Union, but also among modern women. This shape is ideal for women with rough facial features, as it visually softens them a little;
  • Broken eyebrows – one of the most fashionable forms among modern women. It will add expressiveness to your look and naturalness to your face. With its help, you can hide some imbalances in the face;
  • Narrow straight eyebrows – Ideal for thin women, as they visually slightly expand the face and smooth a sharp chin.

Outer corners of the eyebrows

Eyebrow correction at home: how to make beautiful eyebrows yourself?
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Particular attention should be paid when shaping the eyebrows outer cornersbecause they can completely change your facial expression:

  • The corners look up – this direction is typical only for women. It gives the face a certain naivety, tenderness and surprise;
  • The corners look down – this direction makes the face sad and tired. Fortunately, this physiological feature is very rare;
  • The base of the eyebrow and the outer corner are in line – the most successful direction. Women with such eyebrows can choose any shape for them, their face will still have an intelligent, pensive look.

Do not forget to consider your individual characteristics:

  • Women with rude features thin eyebrows will not work;
  • Massive eyebrows can ruin a sweet, delicate face;
  • Blondes don’t go with dark eyebrows, and brunettes don’t go with light ones.

How to pinch your eyebrows correctly – video, detailed instructions

First, you need to determine the correct position of the eyebrows, and for this you need to do one simple test.

Eyebrow shape test

  • You will need: ruler, colored pencils, your photo in full face.
  • To correctly determine the start, end and middle (highest point) of the eyebrow, you need draw three lines… They all begin at the wing of the nose, and pass through the inner and outer corners of the eye, and through the pupil. The points of intersection of these lines with your eyebrow will be its beginning, end and middle.
  • When you have decided on the location of the eyebrow, you can start directly correction

Video: Eyebrow shaping at home

How to pinch your eyebrows

  1. It is better to pluck eyebrows in the eveningbefore going to bed, because after the procedure, slight irritation may appear on the sensitive skin of the eyelids;
  2. Correction must be done on clean skintherefore, be sure to remove your makeup before the procedure; Read: Best Makeup Removers.
  3. Hair should be removed in the direction of growth… Otherwise, they may begin to grow incorrectly and a shaggy effect will be created;
  4. Do not use a razor or scissors during eyebrow shaping.… You not only run the risk of ruining the shape by unfastening too much, the result of such a correction is not very durable;
  5. During the procedure, do not forget to ensure that your eyebrows are symmetrical;
  6. Many cosmetologists do not recommend plucking the upper eyebrow line yourself, you risk ruining its shape. See also: How to choose the right beautician?

We have told you all the secrets of how to make beautiful eyebrows. Put them into practice and you will always look irresistible.

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