Family Look clothes – fashion trend for family outings or bad taste?

Family outfit bowFamily Look is a unique family style that embodies the unity and cohesion of the family. This style implies the same clothes (or its elements) for each family member. Most often, samples of Family Look can be seen on all kinds of photo sets, however, recently this direction is gaining momentum on the streets of the city.

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From the history of the Family Look style – what is it and why?

In order to figure out how to properly use this style in the everyday world, you should know where the legs of this direction come from.

Family Look appeared in the USA at the beginning of the last century… The cult of the family in this country during this period was very widespread, so it even went as far as fashion. In those days, you could meet a huge number of mothers and daughters dressed in the same clothes.

In the middle of the last century, this style migrated to the covers of fashion magazines and greeting cards – it became fashionable be photographed with the whole family in the same clothes… This decision was also to the taste of Russian residents.

Clothes in the style of a family bow for mom and daughter

Today this style is very popular… Often on the streets you can find a family, all members of which are dressed in the same style or are united by a common wardrobe item (for example, sneakers).

A family dressed in this style looks stylish – and will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd.

It should also be noted that Family Look brings the family together on a psychological level, creating positive atmosphere in the House.

6 popular styles of Family Look in clothes – choose yours!

It is much easier for mom and daughter, son and father to choose clothes in the style of Family Look, but when it comes to clothes for the whole family, then you need to remember certain rules.

So what are the Family Look options?

  1. Absolutely the same clothes. It can be stylish tracksuits, identical T-shirts with jeans, etc. The most important thing is the same style, material and style of things. Clothes in the style of a family bow for mom and daughter
  2. Uniform style. If you choose clothes for all family members, for example, in a casual style, it will look beautiful and fashionable. This option is perfect for daily family walks. Family look clothes for the whole family
  3. Clothing items… The next Family Look is different clothes, but with the same accessories. For example, all family members have the same ties, glasses, sneakers, or hats. At first glance, such a stylish move is impossible to notice, but on a subconscious level, the unity of the family will be felt. Family look clothes for the whole family
  4. Harmonious color. One color scheme is what can be a great addition to the Family Look. For example, you can dress the whole family in vests and trousers (skirts) of the same color. Family look clothes for the whole family
  5. We dress the whole family! Do you have pets, and your daughter has a favorite doll that she will not let go of her hands? Then it’s time to buy (or sew) a costume for your pet that will be combined with your family “bow”. It will look original, stylish and perky. Family bow clothing - pet friendly
  6. Same prints. The simplest version of a fashionable family “look” is clothes with the same print (for example, T-shirts with the same inscriptions). Family look clothes - prints

10 Important Rules for Choosing Family Look Clothes – How Not to Look Tasteless?

When choosing any clothing, there are certain rules that must be followed.

Family Look was no exception – there is a whole list rules for choosing an image for the whole family:

  • Think over the image in advance. If you want the whole family to go out in a family-style outfit, then you should prepare for this early by collecting full sets of clothes. A family look, put together in a hurry, will never look as stylish as a prepared one.
  • Don’t go after fashion. Don’t try to force your family to wear stylish branded clothing if they don’t like it. It is better to buy inexpensive sweaters that every family member likes than dress everyone up in expensive suits in which they are uncomfortable.
  • Don’t force. If you have already thought of a fashionable image, and your family categorically refuses to wear certain wardrobe items, then this is a sign that you need to change the tactics of choosing clothes. Talk to your family and analyze what exactly each of them wants.
  • Experiment. Having created one family image is a great start, but it shouldn’t stop there. Come up with new images and bring them to life.
  • Look for new solutions. Experiment with textures, fabrics, colors and styles of clothing. This will help you find exactly your style and stop depending on fashion magazines.
  • Know when to stop. Don’t dress the whole family in the same clothes. It will look ridiculous to say the least. It is better to combine a variety of clothes and accessories, creating an overall harmonious image.
  • Wear family look at home. It will help you bring your family together on a psychological level. Even such a detail as matching multi-colored socks is already a great start for a family home look.
  • Create family traditions. Try to make the family look become a real tradition for your family. Dress up in this style for every holiday, showing everyone around you your unity.
  • Handmade. Create stylish items for Family Bow yourself. It can be the same, do-it-yourself sweaters, or can be T-shirts, painted with paints on the fabric.
  • Go shopping together. Get into this habit in your family. For example, it can be turned into an entertaining game – ask your family members to find several sets of clothes for themselves for a specific occasion, and then you can create a whole family look right in the store.

Clothes in the style of a family bow for children

We will be very pleased if you share your experience in creating family bow kits!

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