How to hide wide shoulders with clothes – the rules for choosing clothes for wide-shouldered women

How to choose clothes for women with wide shoulders?Many owners of broad shoulders sound the alarm and try to hide them in every possible way.

We will tell you what things must be present in the wardrobe of women with a wide shoulder girdle, and which ones should be abandoned altogether, and also define the ideal combination of bottom and top for broad shoulders.

The content of the article:

  1. Details of clothing that visually narrow the shoulders
  2. Neckline and collar for broad shoulders
  3. Sleeves that visually reduce the shoulders
  4. Clothing styles for broad-shouldered women
  5. Accessories for broad shoulders
  6. What is not recommended to wear with broad shoulders?

What details of clothing visually narrow broad shoulders in women?

Many stylists give advice to women with wide shoulders on the choice of clothes. Remember the details of a woman’s wardrobe that can visually hide the shoulders or make them smaller:

  • Elements that pull the silhouette up. For example, these are cutouts. Girls can wear sweaters, blouses, V-neck, U-neck or O-neck shirts. Feel free to experiment. Any cut will open your neck, chest, pull you up a little.
  • Wear long necklaces. It is imperative that they are not too heavy. Light jewelry, such as a thread with beads, pearls, will do.
  • Cowl collars or scarves flowing elegantly downwards, on the chest, will also stretch the silhouette and narrow the shoulders.
  • Straight jacket with sleeves will help reduce the shoulders. The cut should be straight, shirtless.
  • Things without shoulder pads.
  • Don’t be afraid to open your shoulders. Wear tops with wide straps.
  • Vertical fasteners on clothes able to reduce the shoulder girdle.
  • Any other details that take the emphasis on themselves. For example, try to highlight the bottom of your garment with bright colors and keep the top solid.

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These are the top tips to look out for when choosing clothes. We will try to reveal some points in more detail in our article.

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Neckline and collar for wide-shouldered women

We will tell you which top to choose – neckline and neckline of clothes that will not highlight wide shoulders:

  1. Try to choose clothes for the top so that there is V-neck or round neckline… It is they who have a vertical direction and will reduce the shoulders.
  2. Another great option is too deep neckline… As you open your chest, you shift your attention away from your shoulders.
  3. In no case do not buy clothes with a square neck or boat, they have a horizontal direction, widening the shoulder girdle. What can not be worn by a woman with wide shoulders?
  4. American armhole Is also ideal. By opening your shoulders, you visually narrow them.
  5. Clothes should not be decorated. Any decor will widen the shoulders. The top should be without shoulder straps, epaulets, prints and other details.
  6. There should be no jewelry along the neck either. Patterns, rhinestones, even embroidery – all this you must forget.
  7. Do not focus on the chest with decorative trim, for example – folds, ruffles, frills and even more patch pockets. So you will only aggravate the situation and emphasize not beautiful breasts, but broad shoulders. In the chest area, only the decollete is accentuated.
  8. Collar-cowl or collar-loop are also suitable for broad-shouldered girls, as they lengthen the silhouette a little.

Follow these tips when you decide to buy yourself a new thing, then there will be no problems.

How to choose the right clothes by body type – tips from stylists

Sleeves of dresses, blouses and outerwear that visually reduce broad shoulders

Look at the style of the sleeves and their length when choosing clothes for the top.

Stylists recommend achieving a proportional silhouette and following these rules:

  1. Choose a sleeve that is tapered at the top near the armhole and flared at the bottom. This is the best option.
  2. Wear sleeves with a straight cut.
  3. You should not wear clothes with “flashlights”, as such sleeves make the shoulders wider. How to choose the right clothes for a broad-shouldered woman to visually hide broad shoulders
  4. Sleeves should be three-quarters long.
  5. Blouses and sleeveless dresses can be worn.
  6. Tops can be sleeveless, but with wide straps.

When choosing clothes, you must learn to reach the golden mean. Things should not be too open or, on the contrary, baggy, spacious. They should be close or semi-adjacent to the body, then the silhouette will be proportional.

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Clothing styles for broad-shouldered women

When choosing a style of clothing, you should visually divide the figure into two parts – up and down – and create a harmonious look with equal top and bottom.

We select clothes for the top:

  • Blouses should have a vertical cut, giving the image femininity, lightness, tenderness. The shoulders can be open or closed at the blouse.
  • The blouse can have a peplum – a wide frill that extends the bottom from the waist.
  • The shirt should be bat style to even out the shoulders and hips.
  • Sweatshirts, jackets, cardigans, tunics should be below the waist, to about mid-thigh.
  • You can wear clothes in several layers. For example, wear a simple white shirt under a vest or a dark cardigan.
  • Models should be decorated with decorative trim or patterns on the fabric in the form of vertical or diagonal lines.
  • Clothes must be without shoulder pads.

Let’s choose clothes for the bottom to add volume or just focus on the legs:

  • Pants with patch or side pockets add volume.
  • Flared trousers will also increase the bottom.
  • A skirt with a wide hem, for example, yucca sun, bell, tulip are your options.
  • Select the bottom of light tones if the top is dark. Visually, you can achieve the effect of bulk from the bottom and narrowing of the shoulders.
  • If you have chosen trousers, a skirt with a low waist, then add a bright, unusual, wide belt to them.
  • It is better to choose trousers with a high waist, emphasizing the waist with a thin belt.
  • Try to choose them with bright patterns, prints, folds. In this case, the top should be monochromatic.
  • Fishnet tights. Another way to shift your focus from your shoulders to your legs is with tights. They can be of very different shades, but the main thing is that they do not stand out much in terms of color from the general image.
  • Clothing for the bottom should be loose. It is worth giving up tight pencil skirts or skinny pants.

Let’s choose a jumpsuit and a dress:

  • The jumpsuit should be extended towards the bottom. A great option is loose trousers and an open top with wide shoulder straps.
  • The perfect dress for a girl with wide shoulders – with a fluffy skirt and an open top.
  • It is better to choose loose-fitting dresses.
  • It is good if the dress has a neckline, while it can also be tight.
  • Dresses can be with a peplum, a wide frill at the waist.

When choosing a dress, remember: it is worth revealing one part of the body – either the neck, or the neckline, or the shoulders. This will help you direct your attention to your hips.

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Clothing accessories as a way to hide wide shoulders

Follow these rules when choosing accessories to complement / decorate your image:

  • Choose wide belts. They look great in the area just below the waistline. It is better to wear them with a dress, skirt. If you have chosen a narrow belt, then it should be worn with trousers, a coat.
  • The scarf should be longso that its ends hang down, thereby lengthening the figure and narrowing the shoulders.
  • Bracelets and other wrist jewelry should be bright and large.
  • Beads and chains should be worn long. They, like the scarf, will lengthen the silhouette.
  • Bag you should pick up a large, “pot-bellied” one, but you will not wear it on your shoulder, but in your hand.
  • Small clutches on a thin, neat chain also fit the image.
  • Small gloves will give a sense of elegance and attract attention.

The choice of accessories is just the beginning. It is very important to combine details.

Remember that it is better not to use everything at once, one or more elements will be enough.

What is not recommended for broad-shouldered women – stylists advise

There are some wardrobe items that add bulk to the shoulder girdle.

It is better to abandon them right away and not wear them:

  1. Top models, dresses with O-neck or boat neckline.
  2. Things with narrow straps.
  3. Clothes with prints, abundant decor in the chest, shoulders, neck.
  4. Models with a too deep neckline.
  5. Sweatshirts with stripes.
  6. Clothes with horizontal stripes.
  7. Too wide, spacious things.
  8. Blouses or shirts with raglan sleeves.
  9. Things with a shiny bodice.
  10. Shirts with long, flared sleeves.
  11. Sweatshirts with wide collars.
  12. Turtlenecks or other tight fit.

How to choose the right clothes for a broad-shouldered woman to visually hide broad shoulders

From accessories you should refuse bags, which must be carried on the shoulders, as well as backpacks.

We hope the recommendations for choosing clothes will help you revise your wardrobe and create a new, unique image.

Experiment, don’t be afraid to look for new ideas for your appearance! website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your feedback and tips in the comments below.

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