Famous people who abandoned their children

Would you be able to abandon your child? Send him to an orphanage or a foster family? Many famous people who contributed to the development of society, science and culture did just that.

Jean Jacques Rousseau

Jean Jacques Rousseau

The philosopher had 5 children, whom he handed over to an orphanage immediately after birth. The fate of these kids is unknown to anyone. The paradox is that at the same time, he wrote a treatise on the correct upbringing of children. Russo once wrote about himself:

“Lonely, sick and left in my bed by everyone, I can die in it from poverty, cold and hunger, and no one will worry about it …”

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori

All parents have heard about her method of developing and teaching children. However, when her son was born, she immediately gave her child to another family in order to calmly engage in scientific activities. Since at that time the upbringing of a child and science were incompatible for her. Maria took her son to her only when he was already 15 years old.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

When Albert had a daughter, whose name was Lieserl, he immediately separated her to be raised in another family and was not at all interested in her life. He left the second child. And he often left his third child for a very long period in a hospital for the mentally ill and never visited him.

Lord Byron

Lord Bayorn

He first took his illegitimate daughter from her mother, and then at the age of 4 he gave her to a monastery. He explained his act by the fact that his daughter greatly interfered with him. At the same time, the poet lived in a huge castle, where he would not even notice the girl. Byron never visited her. His daughter died just after she was 5 years old.

Marina Tsvetaeva

Marina Tsvetaeva

How beautiful she wrote poetry. However, in the years of famine, the poetess sent her daughters (7 years and 2 years old) to an orphanage, although her living conditions allowed her to raise two children. The youngest daughter died in the orphanage, and then she took the older one to her place.

Here is one entry from Marina Tsvetaeva’s diary:

“Well, and Irina !!! She was obviously very hungry, it’s a pity to watch. Shouts. (Irina never dared to utter a word in front of me. I recognize her vileness). “

Why parents betray their children

  • Why suddenly your own children start to interfere?
  • Why do some parents abandon their children?

Some will answer that there is not enough money for a child, there is nothing to feed. Agree, there are no desperate situations and there is not a single excuse to leave a child for lack of food.

Others will say that now is simply not the right time for a child, his career has just taken off. So it was in the family of Stas Piekha, when mother and grandmother were on tour – no one took care of the child and periodically lived in a boarding school. Then he got in touch with a bad company, became addicted to drugs and for many years struggled with his most severe addiction. Is it really worth sacrificing children for a career?

Parents who have given their children simply do not understand the full extent of responsibility for their child. They do not think about how this affects the child, what kind of psychological trauma he receives. They do not understand how the baby is feeling in this situation. After all, responsibility for a child is not only about educating and feeding. It’s about taking care of his mental health.

Do children forgive their parents’ betrayal?

Children, when abandoned, cannot do anything. They have no choice. They are defenseless. Every day they hope that dad or mom will come and take him, hug and kiss him. Whatever parents are, children are still waiting for them.

“When I was 15, I worked as a nanny in a nursery group. There was one little girl with dark skin, a round face and wavy dark hair. She was a kind, cheerful girl and you all loved her. We even jokingly called her Monkey Yanka. So, she waited all day for mommy, and before going to sleep, she even cried from melancholy. And in the evening, my mother came in company with a friend and a bottle of beer, with a black eye and, staggering, took Yana home. You should have seen how much happiness the girl had when her tipsy mother took her hand. It was impossible to look at it without tears. “

As a rule, children forgive betrayal if the parent repented of his mistakes and asked for forgiveness. Children have a huge heart that knows how to love.

Raising a child is a huge job. It happens that you do not sleep for several nights in a row. Sometimes there is a lot of noise and screaming from children. You have to deny yourself something for the sake of the child and work very hard to meet the needs of your children. But you will probably agree with me that children are the best thing in our life!

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