Top 6 countries where to have an inexpensive winter vacation in 2021-2022

Tired of working days and looking for information where you can have an inexpensive vacation in winter? Do you think that a vacation abroad cannot be cheap? These stereotypes have long faded into the summer. Now there are many places outside our state where you can relax at an affordable price.

Cheap holidays abroad in winter can be found in the countries of South (Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia) and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia). If you pre-order air tickets from economy class companies and book hotel rooms, you can have an inexpensive winter vacation in Germany, France, and Italy.

1. Inexpensive holidays in winter 2021-2022 in Macedonia

6 best countries where you can have an inexpensive vacation in 2021-2022
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Cheap holidays abroad in winter can be obtained at Macedonia, on the territory of which there are many balneological and ski resorts (Mavrovo, Struga, Ohrid). There are many ancient monasteries and monuments of antiquity, and the purest oxygen-rich air, untouched nature will allow you to enjoy sports fishing, hiking and mountain tourism, rafting.

If you decide to spend the New Year holidays abroad, then winter vacations will be inexpensive in Macedonia.

2. Mysterious Bosnia and Herzegovina for a cheap winter getaway

6 best countries where you can have an inexpensive vacation in 2021-2022
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Another place where you can go to relax in winter inexpensively, a country that is not well-known for tourists, beckoning with its mystery – the heart of the Balkans – Bosnia and Herzegovina… Here everyone will find relaxation to their liking: those who wish to ski will enjoy the panoramic views of the resorts of Jahorina, Vlašić, Belashnitsa. Tourists who want to get to know the country as much as possible can visit the excursion tours to the most ancient and charming places in Banja – Luka, Mezhdorje, Travnik, Ilidzha, where there are Christian churches and Muslim mosques.

But the most important thing in this country is its enchanting nature: mountain ranges, calm surface of rivers, clean air, measured calmness of residents – all this is etched into the memory for a long time.

3. Inexpensive winter recreation in Serbia – for children and adults

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If you decide to relax in winter inexpensively, and at the same time – to improve yourself and your children, then you will find a cheap vacation abroad in winter in Serbia… This country is rich in medical and ski resorts, and many excursion tours await avid travelers. The balneological resorts Vrnjacka Banya, Zlatibor, Prolom Banya and many other healing places will help to restore the metabolic function, recharge with vivacity and restore the mental state.

The excellent ski resorts: Kopaonik, Stara Planina, Zlatibor, equipped with safe slopes and modern lifts, have extreme slopes that will not disappoint even the most demanding tourists. Despite the high level of service, the cost of recreation is much cheaper than in other ski countries

4. You can relax inexpensively in winter in beautiful Czech Republic

6 best countries where you can have an inexpensive vacation in 2021-2022
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Budget winter vacation in Czech Prague on the voucher will be from 340 euros for 5 days… Here you can taste real Czech beer and taste dishes of national cuisine. Even in the Czech Republic, you need to visit the Charles Bridge, where wishes are made, the town of Karlovy Vary, where you can improve your health on the healing springs, the toy museum located next to the Golden Lane.

Children will be delighted with the water park, oceanarium. There are many small hotels in the Czech Republic, so you can find accommodation for $ 30-40 per person per night (breakfast is included). You can see the interesting places of the country in advance and independently, without a guide, admire the local sights.

5. Inexpensive holidays in Slovakia in winter will delight lovers of winter activities

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Cheap holidays abroad in winter can be done in Slovakia… There is something to see here: magnificent nature, mysterious caves, ancient castles, ski resorts. The most popular cities in Slovakia are the High Tatras, where the mountains of the same name are located, and Bratislava, which is famous for its monuments, beautiful squares, palaces, parks and museums.

6. Inexpensive winter holidays in the capital of Germany – Berlin

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Berlin is suitable for winter recreation, offering a wide range of services at affordable prices. If you book in advance a ticket for a flight to Berlin, the ticket price will be much lower than in other European countries. Having visited Berlin, you can learn not only the history of the city, but of the entire German country, which is intertwined with the history of our state.

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If there is a desire to see the world, then a modest budget is not a hindrance. In order to have an inexpensive winter vacation and visit the country that you have long dreamed of, you need to take a little time to get maximum information about the trip, accommodation, meals, excursions in advance.

Now you know where to spend an inexpensive winter vacation. There are other options? Let us know in the comments!

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