Tom Cruise’s father was a “villain and a coward” who offended his children

Successful people come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some had a bright and joyful childhood, while others absolutely do not want to remember their childhood and adolescence, perhaps because of poverty or dysfunctional parents. Any person can achieve fame and recognition, but there is no guarantee that they will make this person truly happy.

Megastar Tom Cruise does not like to remember his childhood, but ironically, he also could not build good family relations: he divorced three times and does not allow his two older children to meet with his second wife Nicole Kidman, and Cruz himself does not see his youngest daughter Suri. Psychologists say that we adopt behavioral patterns from adults at an early age, and then repeat them ourselves, forming a vicious circle.

Tom Cruise on his father

Tom Cruise

The actor does not like to think about his father, Thomas Cruz Mapother III, and frankly says that he would be better off without him at all.

“He was a scoundrel and a coward,” Cruz described his father. – He was one of those people who immediately spread their hands when something is not according to their plan. This has been a powerful lesson in my life. First, your father puts you to sleep, makes you relax and calm, and then strikes! I’ve always thought of him like this: “This guy is clearly not okay. Do not trust him. Be careful with him. ” I had such a funny childhood ”.

Tom Cruise called him a “sower of chaos” and had little or no relationship with him after his parents divorced in 1974. For a decade after that, the actor did not see his father at all. They only met when the elder Cruz was diagnosed with terminal stage cancer. As the actor recalls, “The dying father was in the hospital and he only agreed to see me if I didn’t ask anything about the past.”

“Looking at him, I thought with pain:“ And this man once held me in fear. What a lonely life he had! And he was not yet fifty. A sad sight. “

Problems at school

young tom cruise

Father was not the only abuser that Tom Cruise faced in childhood and adolescence. At school, he was bullied by his peers, as the future actor suffered from dyslexia.

“I was sent to a school psychologist,” Cruz told the publication. Daily Mail… “And he immediately branded me dyslexic. This diagnosis left me in a stupor. This was an absolute insult to my dignity. I remember thinking a lot about whether I was really normal or not. And I also didn’t have a close friend to trust. “

Strong bond with mother

But Tom Cruise was lucky with his mother, who pushed him to action.

“I think I was the biggest and main audience for Tom, he already had the makings,” admitted his mother Mary Lee Pfeiffer.

tom cruise with mother

Mary had to work several jobs to get the children back on their feet, and Cruise constantly met her after a long day at work, and then massaged her tired legs. The family then moved to New Jersey, where his mom married Jack South in 1978 when Tom was 16.

“Jack loved her so much that he accepted all of us, all four,” Cruz recalls. “It was my mother and stepfather who gave me their blessing for acting.”

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