Fashionable winter children’s hats for the winter of 2020

Fashionable winter children's hats for the winter of 2020 - types of children's hats for winterWinter hats for children, which designers offer for the new season, are bright accessories for creating a beautiful image. The range of things for girls and boys is so wide that it can be difficult to navigate in such a variety.

This article provides an overview of the trendiest and warmest hats for children of different ages to make it easy for parents to make a choice.

The content of the article:

  1. Types of winter hats for children, their benefits
  2. Fashion models and styles of children’s hats 2020
  3. Children’s hats materials – how to choose?
  4. Colors, prints, decorations
  5. 10 new baby hats 2020

Fashionable winter children's hats for the winter of 2020 - types of children's hats for winter

Types of winter hats for children and their benefits

  • For babies up to a year, they traditionally wear hoodwhich covers the ears well and tied under the chin. Children's hood for winter
  • Another option, which is also very convenient in everyday life, is insulated beanie with lapel and ties… The model is universal for a child of any gender, and a large number of colors available in stores makes it easy to choose this accessory for a winter wardrobe.Insulated beanie with lapel and ties
  • Irreplaceable for boys earflaps with fur lining, these baby hats are very popular in 2019-2020. They provide excellent warmth, protection from the cold wind and prevent snow from entering when children play outside. Winter hat with earflaps
  • Convenient helmet performs the functions of two items at once: a winter hat and a warm scarf. He does not slip on his forehead during fun games and vigorous movements, and the neck of the little fidget is perfectly protected. Hat-helmet
  • Teenagers love to imitate the fashion of adults, they will appreciate stylish beanie with warm liningdecorated with patches and logos. Children's beanie hat
  • A young fashionista will happily try on a beautiful beret and knitted turbandecorated with beads. Children's beanie
  • For severe frosts, it is better for a child to buy headpiece with lapel and liningwhich is made of fluffy knitted fleece. Fleece hat for babies,

Fashion models and styles of children’s hats for winter 2019-2020

  1. For toddlers and preschoolers, winter helmets… In the new season, designers have offered a wide variety of colors and styles. Among this assortment, it is easy to find a hat for a girl and for a boy. Winter hat-helmet for childrenThe helmets are decorated with one or two fluffy pom-poms, with an original decoration in the form of bunny ears. Bright patterns in the form of zigzags made with contrasting yarns are in fashion.
  2. Among fashionable children’s hats 2019-2020, the first place is taken by beanie – this is a model without a lapel, it is sewn from jersey or knitted on knitting needles. Children's hats for winterFor the winter season, a beanie must have an inner insulation and lining.
  3. Protects baby’s head and ears more reliably cap with lapel, most brands of children’s clothing have presented such models in their winter collections. Children's winter hat with a lapel

Materials for children’s hats in winter 2020 – how to choose the right one?

Winter hats for children are made taking into account the fact that the child’s head must be well protected from the cold wind, as well as from the ingress of snow during active games.

Taking into account these requirements, hats consist of several layers; for a mild winter, 2 layers of material are enough.

For frosts, it is better to choose a hat with an inner insulation:

  1. Outer side: knitted, knitted, polyester or eco-leather.
  2. Lining: knitted fabric or fluffy fleece.
  3. The inner layer: holofiber, orsoterm.

The main material is knitted jersey, which contains cashmere, angora, sheep wool (merino). The best ratio of natural wool and synthetics is 50% x 50%. But, if the winter is not very cold, then you can buy a beautiful acrylic hat (70%) with the addition of wool (30%).

Winter baby hats

For babies, choose hats lined with 100% cotton. For boys, knitted hats with earflaps with lining and outer trim made of faux fur are suitable. Also, for sewing earflaps, they use polyester with a special waterproof impregnation, or eco-leather.

Colors, prints, decorations for winter children’s hats

Models for girls are traditionally decorated rhinestones, beads, beads, bows, lace… Very popular style with cat ears and a print in the form of a cat face. Fashion accessories make logo patches, original inscriptions in golden or silver letters.

Winter baby hat with ears

Hats for boys are distinguished by a more restrained color palette, gray and dark blue shades are relevant. Applied as decoration lettering, looks stylish embroidery with cars and airplanes.

Fur pom poms large sizes as decor do not lose their relevance.

New children’s hats for the winter 2019-2020 are different varied color palette… Hats in neutral colors are harmoniously combined with clothes of any color, this is their advantage over other models. Pastel shades are in fashion: cream, peach, lilac, gray-blue, as well as saturated colors, but without neon, as it was in previous seasons.

10 new fashionable children’s hats in winter 2020 in stores

Futurino Cool helmet bright blue

The bright blue helmet-hat is made of dense knitwear, it contains 50% wool, 50% acrylic. Holofiber is used as insulation, and the lining is made of 100% cotton.

Futurino Cool helmet bright blue

This headpiece will keep your child warm in the most severe frosts. The main advantage is the presence of a one-piece knitted collar, which acts as a scarf.

Futurino pink

Children’s winter hat for girls is made of soft pink yarn. One of the most relevant patterns of the new season was used here – elastic band 2 x 2.

Futurino pink

A fluffy pom-pom is used as decoration, as well as a fashionable patch with an inscription in silver letters. The inside is lined with soft and warm polyester.


This warm winter model for boys attracts with a stylish design. Fashionable decorations are used here: a voluminous pompom and an inscription in large letters. The lapel is not just a decorative detail, but a functional element that serves for additional insulation.


There are waterproof inserts in the ear area, this model is especially suitable for children who go in for winter sports.

Woolen Totti

A winter headdress with beautiful knitted braid patterns is a versatile piece suitable for girls and boys. Children’s hats for the winter, which include 100% soft wool, are not cheap, but their price is justified by their high quality and good heat-shielding properties.

Woolen Totti

A fashionable patch serves as a decoration, and a fluffy voluminous pom-pom attracts special attention.

Totti with butterflies

The model for a girl is made of woolen material. It provides protection from frost and covers the baby’s ears well. The ties securely fix the cap on the head.

Totti with butterflies

The surface is decorated with butterflies made of multicolored beads and a fluffy pompom.

Hat with earflaps Didriksons

Ushanka with faux fur on a warm lining is ideal for children who love active winter games. The waterproof material will reliably protect your head and ears from snow.

Hat with earflaps Didriksons

Convenient velcro closure allows you to quickly assemble.

Matilda hat made of angora and merino wool

The most fashionable children’s hat for winter 2020 for a girl is a model with cat ears, it is made on a soft insulation. It contains 30% angora, 50% sheep wool (merino) and 20% polyamide.

Matilda hat made of angora and merino wool

This warm winter accessory is decorated with a print, beads, a bow and large fluffy pom-poms. The item is presented in neutral colors, so it will be harmoniously combined with any clothing.

Ushanka “Thibault” with fur trim

The fashionable earflaps are made of two materials: the upper part is made of alpaca and merino knitwear; lining, trimming – warm faux fur.


The product is presented in a universal range: gray, dark blue and dark gray, so it is ideal for a boy’s winter wardrobe.

Baby hat Prikinder

This model is intended for babies aged 3 months (head circumference 44 to 46). Upper material – acrylic and wool, lining – cotton, inner insulation – orsoterm.

Baby hat Prikinder

The ties fix the hat well on the child’s head, the lapel additionally protects the ears from the cold. As decorations – a beautiful pattern with braids, rhinestones and a small pompom.

Reike Helmet

This winter hat in the shape of a helmet with two pom-poms is decorated with a fashionable patch. It is made of soft jersey (80% acrylic, 20% wool), lining – 100% cotton.

Reike Helmet

In this hat, the baby’s head will be reliably protected from the cold wind during winter walks.

It is very important to develop good taste in children from childhood. When choosing a hat for a child, it is important to ask his opinion if he likes the design of this thing. Boys are no less picky about clothes than girls, they also like to wear stylish new clothes.

A headdress that meets the latest fashion trends will surely be a favorite thing and a companion for a child in walks, fun winter games in the fresh air.

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