20 best New Year’s fairy tales for children – we read children’s fairy tales about the New Year with the whole family!

Fairy tales about the New Year for children of different agesNew Year’s holidays are just around the corner, which means that the time has come for active preparation for the holidays. And, above all, you should take care of the leisure of children, whom you need not only to occupy on these holidays, but also to splash a little magic for the right mood. What will mom and dad do with the correct fairy tales on Christmas and New Year’s themes.

Santa Claus for a child for the New Year – at what age, and how not to frighten the baby, but to bring him joy?

Visiting Santa Claus

Author of the work: Mauri Kunnas

Age: for preschoolers.

New YearThe books of this Finnish author are loved and revered by parents all over the world: they have been translated into 24 languages, awarded with prestigious awards and sold in large editions.

The story about Santa is practically a classic in the literature of this small snowy country. From the book you will learn the whole truth about Santa Claus, one might say, first-hand – about deer and gnomes, about their breakfasts and braids on their beards, about everyday life and preparation for the holidays, and much more.

If you and your children have not yet found your festive mood – take it from the book!

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King

The author of the work: Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann.

Age: for schoolchildren.

The Nutcracker and the Mouse KingThe list of Christmas tales would not be complete without this wonderful book by a talented, well-known writer.

Childhood is a time of wonderful stories and fantasies, among which the Nutcracker is a real pearl.

Of course, choosing this book is better for older children, who will already be able to grasp the author’s hidden irony, find quotes, and introduce each character.

Christmas Eve

Author of the work: Nikolai Gogol.

Christmas EveThis famous story of one of the greatest writers (note – the story is part of the famous cycle “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka”) must be read. Naturally, the story is not for kids, but rather for adolescents, for middle school age. However, the story of the devil who stole the holiday will also appeal to younger students.

One of the advantages of the story is the abundance of outdated words that will not be superfluous for modern children.

How to get to Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug?

A Christmas Carol

Author of the work: Charles Dickens.

Age: 12 and older.

A Christmas CarolThis Christmas book by Dickens became a real sensation right after the very first publication, back in 1843. According to the plot of the work, more than one motion picture was shot, a beautiful cartoon was drawn, and the image of the curmudgeon Scrooge was actively used in various fields of cinema and theater.

In his story-parable, the author introduces us to the Christmas Spirits who must re-educate the curmudgeon and show him the way to salvation through kindness, compassion, love and the ability to forgive.

Kitten of the lord god

Author of the work: Lyudmila Petrushevskaya.

Age: for schoolchildren.

Kitten of the lord godThe book contains instructive, surprisingly kind and warm New Year’s tales for adult children and not yet very adults.

Each fairy tale has its own cozy and touching love story.

Fairy tale in broad daylight

Authors of the work: Victor Vitkovich and Grigory Yagdfeld.

Age: 6+.

Fairy tale in broad daylightIn this wonderful story, on New Year’s Eve, suddenly come to life … not someone there, according to the classics, but snow women. And it turns out that every woman (snowy, of course) has her own character. And everyone has their own desires. And actions …

A real children’s “thriller”, filmed almost immediately after the first publication of the book – in 1959.

This piece should be on every child’s bookshelf.

How Baba Yagi celebrated the New Year

Author of the work: Mikhail Mokienko.

Age: 8+.

How Baba Yagi celebrated the New YearA wonderful continuation of the book about saving a fairy tale – even more entertaining, funny and magical.

According to the storyline, December 31 disappears. And only three Baba Yagas, who have already acquired the experience of a rescue team, can save the holiday.

If you haven’t read this thrilling story to your child yet, it’s high time! It is worth noting that the author modernized his characters a little, which did not spoil the magic of the fairy tale at all.

Traveling the Blue Arrow

Author of the work: D. Rodari.

Age: 8+.

Traveling the Blue ArrowAn amazingly kind and touching fairy tale “from childhood”, which has remained relevant for more than a dozen years.

An easy and fascinating magical story about the journey of a train and its toy passengers will not leave any child indifferent. The Italian writer will introduce your children to dolls, to cowboys and Indians, and even to a real doll general who escaped from Signora Fairy’s store to one good, but poor little boy Francesco.

Important: it is not recommended to read this fairy tale to children under 8 years old (the reason is the long storyline and the presence of several very sad episodes).

Magic winter

Magic winterThe author of the work: Tove Janson.

Age: 5+.

One wonderful snow series from the book about Moomin Trolls.

This tale will teach mutual assistance and kindness, tell you that you need to take care of those who are weaker than you, and that it is important to be yourself in any situations.

Mistress Blizzard

Authors of the work: the brothers Grimm.

Age: 12+.

Mistress BlizzardHere you will find fairy tales from the beloved all over the world Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, who not only revealed the wealth of national folklore in this book, but also gathered many families near their home “hearth” to listen to horror stories.

The Legend of the Christmas Rose

Authors: Ottilia Luvisa and Selma Lagerlef.

Age: 8+.

The Legend of the Christmas RoseIt is on Christmas that our world changes: frozen hearts thaw, enemies reconcile, offenses are forgiven.

And a Christmas tale was born in the magical Geingen forest, the miracles of which now only one flower remembers, which blooms on the night of Christmas …

New Year’s Book of Rabbit Stories

Author of the work: Genevieve Yurie.

Age: 3+.

New Year's Book of Rabbit StoriesIf you are looking for a New Year’s gift for your daughter or baby niece, this is what you need. So far, not a single child has remained disappointed, and mothers themselves are becoming real fans of this book.

In this book, you will find the life of a respectable rabbit family, every day of which is filled with funny stories.

Christmas at the godmother’s. True stories and a little magic

Author of the work: Elena Oil.

Age: 6+.

Christmas at the godmother's.  True stories and a little magicThe story is told from the perspective of little Vicki, to which the hands of parents do not reach at all (well, they have no time to deal with the child).

So the girl, together with her godmother, has to invent all sorts of entertainment.

The best gift for Christmas

The author of the work: Nancy Walker Guy.

Age: for preschoolers.

The best gift for ChristmasIn this good New Year’s story, the author has collected funny adventures of animals that fall into a snow storm on the way to their comrade badger. Alas, all the gifts are carried away by the wind, and you will have to go to visit without them. Well, unless some miracle happens.

A wonderful book for kids – simple, understandable, accurately conveying the feeling of the miracles of Christmas.

Fawn in winter

The author of the work: Keith Westerlund.

Age: 4+.

Fawn in winterThe girl Alice (fawn) loves the New Year. But such a cold and hungry winter does not bode well for holidays. However, Alice does not lose her optimism and even manages to make a wish for the shooting star …

Do you think only people believe in miracles? But no! Animals from the magic forest also dream of a fairy tale and want a holiday.

And if you want something very, very strong, then it will definitely happen.

Snowmen school

The author of the work: Andrey Usachev.

Age: 6+.

Snowmen schoolSomewhere very far, in the northern part of the country, there is a village called Dedmorozovka. True, no one sees her, because from above she is covered with the most fabulous invisible veil. And naturally, Santa Claus and Snegurochka live there. Well, and also their adorable helpers – snowmen.

And then one day, having made 19 new assistants and assistants for himself, the Snow Maiden with Santa Claus decided to teach them to read and write …

A fascinating and funny fairy tale that your child will definitely ask to read again.

One winter night

Author of the work: Nick Butterworth.

Age: for kids.

One winter nightThis author from England is known not only for wonderful children’s stories about Willie the watchman, but also for fantastic illustrations, which he himself draws for his books. More than 7 million copies of his books have found their owners in various countries of the world.

Willie the caretaker works in a regular old park. And he lives almost right there – there is his house under the tree. The animals from the park adore Willie for his kindness. Once, on a cold winter evening, a severe frost struck. The squirrel was the first to knock on Uncle Willie’s door …

A wonderful fairy tale, which will become not only a good “manual” for a child, but also a gorgeous copy for your home collection of fairy tales.

New Year’s Eve: A Terribly Confusing Business

Authors of the work: Lazarevich, Dragunsky and Zolotov.

Age: 8+.

New Year's Eve: A Terribly Confusing BusinessAn interesting book in which children are introduced to 8 “deeds” about celebrating the New Year.

A real detective-reader for modern children, in which you will find adventure and investigation (an attempt to expose the New Year), and real sensational materials, and even a little history, an encyclopedia, a little recipes and special materials for creativity and flight of imagination.

Christmas at Petson’s House

Author of the work: Sven Nurdqvist.

Age: 6+.

Christmas at Petson's HouseA wonderful children’s tale by a Swedish writer and artist about Petson and the adorable kitten Findus. In this book, they have to prepare for the holiday. There are a lot of things to do, you need to have time not only to decorate the Christmas tree, but also to buy treats. And everything would be fine, if not for one nuisance, which they will surely cope with, thanks to unexpected guests.

The first book by the author was published back in 1984. It instantly became popular, and today every Findus fan will recognize the author’s books from one illustration.

In Russia, Nordqvist’s works appeared only in 1997, and today, to the delight of readers in our country, you can find the entire series of these wonderful books.

Little Santa Claus

Author of the work: Anu Shtoner.

Age: for preschoolers.

Little Santa ClausYou will find stories about Little Santa Claus in a series of four beautiful books (which can be easily bought one at a time – the plots are independent and read in any order).

Everyone knows about Santa Claus. And everyone knows that he is not alone. Ded Morozov – there are so many of them! But there is one that you have never heard of. He is very small, although he is already Santa Claus. And what is most offensive – he is forbidden to deliver gifts. Every year the same thing: no one takes him seriously. But there is still a way out!

This wonderful book will tell your child that there are pluses in any situation, and that being yourself is not so bad, even if you are not like everyone else.

What fairy tales about winter, New Year and Christmas do you read with your child? Please share your feedback on the most interesting of them!

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