fetal development weight and height. How many months is it and what happens

Pregnancy 27 weeks - fetal development and woman's sensationsThe second trimester is coming to an end, and you are completely in the mood for childbirth. You have reached the home stretch, in a few months you will meet your baby. Your relationship with your husband has become very close and warm, you are preparing to become parents and, perhaps, preparing a dowry for your baby. Now you need to visit your gynecologist every 2 weeks, be sure to ask about everything that worries you.

What does this term mean?

You are 27 obstetric week, which is 25 weeks from conception and 23 weeks from delay.

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Feelings of a future mother in the twenty-seventh week

Your tummy grows in size, now it contains about a liter of amniotic fluid, and the baby has enough space to swim. Due to the fact that the growing uterus presses on the stomach and intestines, in the last months of pregnancy, the expectant mother may experience heartburn.

  • Your breasts are preparing for feeding, it is often poured, colostrum discharge from the nipples may appear. The venous pattern on the chest is very clear.
  • Your mood can be fluid. You start to doubt and panic about the upcoming birth. But your fears are natural, talk about them with your husband or mom. Don’t keep your worries to yourself.
  • Dizziness may bother you at times. And also may appear meteosensitivity
  • Often there are leg crampsas well as heaviness and swelling of the legs.
  • By pressing on the belly, your little one can give you a push.
  • Your weight will increase by 6-7 kg this month. But you should know that during this period the child is actively growing and this phenomenon is the norm. Worse if you do not gain the cherished pounds.
  • In the later stages of a woman’s bloodcholesterol levels are reducedbut that shouldn’t worry you. Cholesterol for the placenta is an important building block by which it produces various types of hormones, including progesterone, which is responsible for the development of the mammary glands, relieving tension of the uterus and other smooth muscles.
  • The belly grows, and the skin on it stretches, this can sometimes cause strong itching attacks… In this case, preventive measures in the form of applying a soft cream, such as almond milk, will help. But be careful, now you can’t use cosmetics based on oils for aromatization. They can cause allergies and also overexcite the nervous system.
  • During this period, you can feel heat, and not only in the warm season, but also in the cold one. And also increases sweating, there is a need for frequent hygiene.
  • Very clear and colorful dreams about your baby will be a pleasant moment.

Reviews of women from Instagram and VKontakte:


I don’t know why, but it was at the 27th week that I began to be very worried that the birth would begin ahead of time. I packed my bag to the hospital, every movement of the baby caused panic. And then my mother-in-law somehow came to visit and, seeing my bag, scolded me. Surprisingly, it helped. After all, from that day on, I tuned in to the positive and let this process take its course. The baby was born on time.


During this period I had terrible migraines, I just could not do anything. I had to lie in a dark room for half a day, escaping only in the fresh air.


I was not afraid of anything and did not think about anything. My husband and I went to the sea, I bought a swim, did not sunbathe, really. And the wonderful weather and fresh air affected my well-being.


I remember that sometime this week, my pregnant woman developed a strawberry allergy. It was sprinkled and covered with red spots. Just some kind of horror! But thank God that it was a temporary phenomenon and nothing terrible happened.


And this week we bought the little one’s first things and a crib. I don’t believe in all these superstitions. My husband and I thought of everything and created a project for a room for the baby. They put a sofa there, on which I slept with the baby for up to six months. My husband got up early, looked after himself and cooked my breakfast, it was nice.

Fetal development, height and weight

All organs and systems are already laid and the baby is actively training them. If he was born now, then his the chances of survival would be 85%… With prompt and proper care, the baby will not differ from his peers in the future.

He is 35 cm tall and weighs about 1 kg.

  • The baby becomes prettier: the folds on the body disappear, the subcutaneous fat layer becomes thicker.
  • His eyes are ajar, now the reaction to light is even sharper, he can even turn his head away if a bright light shines in his eyes.
  • Your little one feels pain and may clench their fists and puff out their cheeks.
  • Now the reflexes of swallowing and sucking are improving.
  • This week, the baby is actively developing the area of ​​the brain that is responsible for consciousness and thinking.
  • Your little one can dream.
  • The child is very mobile: he rolls over, stretches and kicks.
  • In this and subsequent weeks, the child takes the so-called flexion position.
  • Now you can even see what your baby is pushing with: the arm or the leg.
  • From this week on, the baby has an 85% chance of surviving premature birth. So from now on, the child already has a very real vitality.

Recommendations and advice to the expectant mother

  1. It’s time to write a vacation application.
  2. Leg swelling and vein problems can be overcome by wearing tight stockings, which will help reduce pressure in the legs.
  3. To make the night pass peacefully, do not drink a lot of water at night, it is better to drink your last portion of water 3-4 hours before bedtime.
  4. Contact the childbirth preparation center, where there are masseurs who work with pregnant women and know all the features of massage in an “interesting position”. Some of them may also come to labor for a relaxing and pain-relieving massage.
  5. Master the techniques of relaxation and proper breathing during labor.
  6. Take a rest during the day. A nap during the day will help restore the energy spent in the morning.
  7. Make sure you have enough zinc in your diet. Its lack in the body leads to premature birth.
  8. If you are worried about disturbing thoughts related to future childbirth and the health of the baby, talk to a loved one, you will see, it will immediately become easier for you.
  9. And so that prenatal depression does not overtake you, exclude excess carbohydrates from the diet. Give preference to eggs, seeds, and whole grain breads.
  10. And remember that nervousness and negative emotions affect not only your condition, but also your baby. At this moment, the vessels constrict, and the baby receives little oxygen. After stressful events, you need to take a walk in the park, get some air to fill in the gaps. Try to avoid stressful situations.

Photo of the fetus, photo of the mother’s tummy, ultrasound, video about the development of the fetus

Ultrasound of 27 weeks of pregnancy
Ultrasound of 27 weeks of pregnancy
Ultrasound - fetus at 27 weeks of gestation
Ultrasound – fetus at 27 weeks gestation
belly 27 weeks pregnant
photo of mom’s tummy at 27 weeks

Ultrasound video at 27 weeks of pregnancy

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