Frankie Macdonald Net Worth

Frankie MacDonald Net Worth

Frankie Macdonald is a popular Canadian YouTube personality known for his lively weather forecast videos. With an avid following across all video platforms and a distinct approach to meteorology, his unique brand of meteorology has won him widespread renown. Here we examine Frankie Macdonald’s net worth and sources of income.

Frank MacDonald is an amateur meteorologist from Sydney, Nova Scotia’s Whitney Pier area who records and posts his weather reports to YouTube with over 32 million views, Twitter, and blog accounts for his reports. Notable reports by Frank include warnings issued in Nova Scotia during storm warnings as well as snowstorms in Winnipeg and Vancouver as well as heavy rainfall reports for Australia, New York City, Bermuda during Hurricane Gonzalo in 2014.

MacDonald has published online weather forecast videos since 2015 and regularly presented weather reports on CBC television, Nova Scotia Power’s video channel, and various companies to develop products based on his forecasts including clothing with his catchphrase of “be prepared.” He has also collaborated with companies to produce products featuring his forecasts such as clothing bearing his “be prepared.” catchphrase.

MacDonald is best known for his viral YouTube videos; however, his book Be Prepared: The Frankie MacDonald Guide to Life, Weather and Everything has also become a bestseller. In addition to these offerings, he has given talks at universities and public events as well as been quoted in multiple media outlets regarding his advice. In the music industry he has reached the Top 100 on iTunes as well as amassing over one million views on YouTube for “A Severe Earthquake Warning”.

MacDonald currently boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million dollars earned through his primary career as a YouTube star. Thanks to this impressive sum of money he managed to purchase two homes in Philadelphia region as well as expand his business ventures further in future.

He is widely known for predicting major events such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Last November, he warned New Zealand could experience a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake within one month – which later occurred on November 17. As an expert predictor of major events, he can help save lives by informing people to evacuate buildings quickly while stockpiling food, water, and medicine before disaster strikes.

He has amassed an enormous fan base and been highly successful in his career, amassing an estimated annual earnings of $240K from YouTube videos, brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing deals and monthly earnings of about $20K – thanks to YouTube ads alone! As someone so gifted as to have been able to achieve so much so quickly. We wish him good luck in all his future endeavours and thank you all for reading!

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