Saint John Paul Ii Catholic Academy Uniforms

Saint John Paul II Catholic High School requires its students to wear appropriate attire. This dress code is a reflection of Christian values and should reflect a student’s religious beliefs. It is important for students to arrive at school in the appropriate attire. No one is allowed to dress up in lockers. In addition, students must abide by the dress code during the school day, as instructed by staff members. Failure to comply with the dress code may result in disciplinary action.

While purchasing school uniforms, students should consider the length and color. The skirts and shirts must be modestly sized for both boys and girls. The shorts and pants are to be knee- or mid-calf length. The shoes should be flat and lace-up. The hats must be navy or tan. No other color is acceptable. No other apparel, including jewelry, is acceptable, and the uniform is not optional.

The school uniform must be purchased in black, lace-up footwear with a heel of approximately 2.5 cm. Soft-soled shoes and sneakers are not acceptable. If a student does not wear a shirt, it is inappropriate to dress in a non-uniform. The school also strictly enforces its moral standards. For example, a student who wears a T-shirt underneath an open-neck shirt is not permitted to wear a sweatshirt.

The school requires students to wear black shoes with a heel less than 2.5 cm. It is unacceptable for a student to wear anything that interferes with the educational process or puts the student’s health or safety at risk. Upon a violation of the uniform, students will receive a verbal warning and a written punishment. Inappropriate clothing is not permitted on school grounds. And, of course, no one is allowed to wear inappropriate clothing on the school grounds.

The school requires its students to wear black shoes for school. These must be lace-up shoes with a heel of less than 2.5 cm. It is unacceptable for a student to wear soft shoes in the school. The school uniform is not a place to wear a T-shirt. You can purchase these clothes at Lands’ End and Dennis Uniforms. Just keep in mind that the school’s moral standards do not allow inappropriate clothes on school grounds.

The school’s uniform is designed to make the students look well-dressed and respectable. While the school does not have a formal dress code, students should be clean and well-groomed. Inappropriate clothing will be punished. A verbal warning is given for every violation. If a student’s behavior violates the dress code, he or she will be penalized.

The school requires the students to wear black shoes that are lace-up. The shoes must be lace-up, hard and with a heel of at least 2.5 cm. The uniform does not require boys to wear thongs, flip-flops, or jeans. While a shirt and pants may be worn, they should not be too long. The school uniform does not require these items to be buttoned up.

The school’s uniform includes a blue fleece or 1/4 zip sweatshirt. It also requires appropriate closed-toe shoes for all classes. No hats, hoodies, or jewelry are allowed. Shirts must be collarless. If a student is not properly dressed, he or she will receive a verbal warning. In addition, he or she will not be allowed to wear any clothing with a visible logo.

For boys and girls, the uniform is white with a red cross on the front. For girls, the uniform includes a white blouse and black skirt. The school’s uniform also requires a black shirt and a tan sweater. It is possible to purchase a blue fleece jacket or a tan sweatshirt from a local department store. However, no T-shirts should be worn under an open neck shirt.

For a boy, the school requires his or her shirt to be white. For girls, the uniform is made of black material. The school is very strict about the way the uniforms are worn. Even boys can’t wear a t-shirt or tracksuit underneath. For women, the uniform is not required. They can wear skirts and tops with their shoes. If they are not wearing the dress code, they will be asked to sit out.

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