from dress code to book selection

August is a good time for a picnic. And if you needed a sign to gather all your friends, here it is! And so that everything goes according to plan, and you remain a lady even in nature – we will learn a couple of tips from the director and teacher of the Austrian Higher School of Etiquette Marie Boucher.

Maria Boucher
Marie Boucher
Photo @mariiboucher

What does it take for your picnic to be perfect? Nothing complicated – just think over everything to the smallest detail! I will share all the secrets with you. Save so you don’t have to search later!

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What is better for a picnic: stylish tips

The atmosphere of the whole meeting depends on how the girls look, whether they really feel at their best. Do you agree?

Therefore, I advise, for the sake of Aphrodite, to abandon the eternal jeans with a T-shirt. Think about what you want to be: romantic, sophisticated, feminine? Or maybe all together?

The ABC of the perfect picnic with Maria Boucher: from dress code to book selection
Photo @mariiboucher

1. Dress

Yes, I suggest wearing this for a picnic!

A midi or ankle-length dress is ideal for this format. You will be as elegant as Audrey Hepburn. And loved ones will look at you with loving eyes!

Don’t worry, playing badminton or picking flowers in such an outfit is not only beautiful, but also quite comfortable. Choose pastel colors and light shades. They will give the image sophistication.

Bright colors are not forbidden, but be careful with them. You shouldn’t look like a harsh blur against the background of natural harmony.

Style – to your taste. The only thing is that loose-fitting dresses are best complemented with an elegant belt. Choose what you feel irresistible in!

2. Skirts

An alternative to a dress can be a loose-fitting skirt made of natural fabric. Choose a length that is comfortable. From my own experience, I recommend midi and maxi.

It should not hug you tightly or hinder your movements. On top – top or blouse.

3. Pants

Summer trousers can be no less stylish. Wide or straight – you decide. What is more convenient?

The trend of 2021 is palazzo pants. Match them with a tight-fitting top in a contrasting or similar shade.

Don’t forget to take your book with you!

I really love to watch people reading the book. At this moment, they are like a fragile glowing screen on which an exciting movie is shown. At a picnic by the water or on the soft grass, you just want to read a couple of pages of your favorite book.

The ABC of the perfect picnic with Maria Boucher: from dress code to book selection
Photo @mariiboucher

And this is that rare moment when a person is alone with his experience and soul. It seems that if you approach him and inadvertently ask something, his world can instantly collapse, causing him considerable pain.

Therefore, be very careful and delicate with people reading the book. Don’t pluck them abruptly from their wizarding world. Especially if they have one of 6 books for a true lady in their hands:

  • City of Women (Elizabeth Gilbert).
  • English House (Lucy Worsley).
  • Bella Figura (Fireplace of Mohammadi).
  • A Year in Provence (Peter Mail).
  • The Four Seasons of Summer (Gregoire Delacour).
  • Little Women (Louise May Alcott).

I hope these tips will help you look elegant and sophisticated during your outdoor picnic.

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