the path to success of a barefoot girl

Cesaria EvoraThe bar of a small port town is filled with puffs of tobacco smoke and a crowd of people. All of them, pushing each other, stare in fascination at the tiny elevation called the stage. A short dark-skinned girl with long, knee-length hair is standing on the dais – and, closing her eyes, sings about unhappy love.

She does it so beautifully and sincerely, because she sings about herself: that one day she can become happy and love. The girl sings, and the adults listen, spellbound, unable to tear themselves away from the sounds of her voice. Neither these people, nor the little black girl herself can even imagine that forty years will pass – and she will become the world famous singer Cesaria Evora. A singer who will be applauded by the audience of the best halls in the world. A singer who will glorify her native Cape Verde Islands, the existence of which, before her appearance, was known only to geographers and travelers.

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San Vicente and Cesaria Evora: Singing to Survive

The story of the future great singer has its origins in one of the Cape Verde islands called San Vicente. On this tiny island, in the poor town of Mindelo, at the end of August 1941, a girl was born who will glorify her island throughout the world.

The family of the future star lived in constant need and hunger: Cesaria’s father died when his daughter was barely four years old. In the arms of the poor mother, Cesaria was left – and six more of her brothers and sisters.

In order to somehow help her mother and earn a living, the girl, who has a beautiful voice from birth, from the age of fourteen began to sing the then popular kaledera, African songs and mornu – nostalgic songs about emotional experiences, love torments and painful separation in the port of her hometown.

Cesaria Evora in his youth

The girl had an incredibly attractive timbre, which literally had a hypnotic effect on the audience. The young singer became so popular and famous in the port that by the age of seventeen she had acquired several musicians living in the neighborhood.

It is interesting! Cesaria, along with his musicians, is immensely popular. Listeners from other places specially come to listen to her slow romantic and fast rhythmic Kaboverdian songs.

The musical ensemble headed by Cesaria moves from one club to another every day, earning a good living for itself. A dark-skinned textured girl, barely taking the first few song notes, immediately captivates with her magic voice, reaching the most hidden strings of the soul of her listeners. Very soon, Cesaria began to be called nothing other than s.

Important note! The singer has lived all her life on her island of São Vicente. And, even in 1974, after the political status of Sinegal changed, she did not even think about possible emigration.

Continuing to sing hard, developing musically, the singer made several unsuccessful attempts to record her voice, going to Lisbon for this.

But world fame came to her much later – only in the eighties, after a fateful acquaintance with a young Frenchman named Jose Da Silva.

Jose, accidentally hearing Cesaria’s voice, was literally struck by his strength and expressiveness. Having met a woman, he began to persistently persuade her to go with him to Paris and record a disc there. Cesaria for a long time refused to the young Frenchman, citing reluctance and fear to leave his native island. After three months of persistent persuasion, the singer agrees – and goes to record in the capital of France.

The disc, recorded with the assistance of Jose, becomes a turning point in the fate of Cesaria, radically changing her whole life.

Cesaria Evora performance on stage

Cesaria: the path to glory with bare feet

After the singer’s first album was released in 1988, they started talking about her right there. Literally a year later, the second album was released.

The most fateful year for Cesaria Evora was 1992, when after the recording of the album “Miss Perfumado” the singer received the official status of a world-class pop-star. Cesarius turns fifty-two at this time.

It is interesting! She performs only as it is convenient for her, as she used to sing in the port, living on her native island: barefoot, accompanied by five musical instruments: violin, clarinetaro, accordion and ukulele.

The world music world, oversaturated with cheap tabloid songs, classical romances and monotonous chanson, selflessly carried away the melody of the Portuguese blues in the Cape Verdi version, masterfully performed by Cesaria in the original Creole dialect.

Peak of popularity as high as Mount Everest

The album, recorded by the singer in 1996 under the name “Cesaria”, was nominated for a Grammy Award. He was recognized – both by music critics and listeners – as the best album of the year.

The songs included in this popular collection will occupy the top positions in the leading music ratings around the world for many years to come.

Important note! Cesaria Evora is recognized by listeners all over Europe, Russia, America, Japan, Canada and other countries.

But she received special love and reverence in France. After all, it was from there that her musical ascent began: the very first album of Cesaria was recorded in Paris.

One of the most famous musical compositions performed by the singer is “Bessame Mucho”: remember how much strength, penetration and passion sounds in every note!

Cesaria Evora at home

Three children and a sea of ​​music

Unfortunately, Cesaria never had a chance to meet a man on her way with whom she would like to build a strong family and live to a ripe old age. But it was about this that she once sang, as a young girl, there, in the port, on her native island of San Vicente.

Despite the fact that the singer never found her soul mate, she had three beautiful love stories in her life, at the end of each of which children were born. Cesaria Evora has three wonderful children, whose upbringing she could only entrust to herself.

It is important! In the second half of her life, the singer was absolutely happy: she no longer needed money, she was confident in the future. She was always around her beloved children, for the future of which she no longer worried.

The singer, who has lived most of her adult life in need and worries, even becoming wealthy, has not learned to spend money on herself. The only thing that she immediately acquired from the first large fee was her father’s house, in which she was born and raised, on her native island. Along with the house, Cesaria also bought several rare cars.

Perfectly understanding in what poverty and hopelessness her compatriots live, the singer gives everything she earns to the development of medicine and the education system of her country.


The native archipelago of Cape Verde is forever captured in the songs of the great singer Cesaria Evora.

Cesaria Evora today

It just so happened that until now the majority of the Kaboverdian population continues to live far below the poverty line, as the singer herself once lived. That is why she always sang barefoot, making it the hallmark of her image in the future. For Cesaria Evora, bare feet are a tribute to the poverty of his native people, and this is pain for him.

The biography of the great singer testifies to the fact that if a person has enormous talent and natural originality, then it absolutely does not matter where he was born: in Paris, or on the small island of San Vicente. As history shows, someone, born on the Champs Elysees, goes into oblivion. And someone, born in a remote village, gains immortality in the memory of future generations.

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