Fruit masks are the main arguments against

If you believe the articles on the Internet, then fruit masks have magical properties: they saturate the skin with vitamins, smooth deep wrinkles, and lighten age spots. However, professional cosmetologists think differently. After all, if home masks really helped, many women would not spend a fortune on cosmetics and salon procedures.

Fruit and vegetable masks do not rejuvenate the skin

Fruits, vegetables and berries are good for your health. They contain many vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, antioxidants.

But will a vegetable and fruit mask be good for your face? Unlikely. And this is due to at least two reasons:

  1. Presence of a protective barrier

The skin reliably protects the body from the penetration of foreign substances. Cosmetics manufacturers take this feature into account, therefore, they add compounds with a low molecular structure to their products. Vitamins from fruit masks do not penetrate through the pores, that is, they practically do not affect the skin.

fuktovaya mask

Expert opinion: “The skin is a reliable barrier between the outside world and humans. It protects the body from any compounds entering it. No matter how many vitamins and microelements are present in the fruits, when you use them in the form of masks, you will not get a visible effect ”dermatologist Amina Berdova.

  1. Poor product quality

Few people use cucumbers or tomatoes grown in the beds in their own garden to make a mask from vegetables. Products from the store are used. And they just cannot boast of a useful composition.

Many industrial vegetables and fruits are grown not even in soil, but in hydroponics (salt solution). Imported exotic fruits are treated with chemicals to protect against premature spoilage and pests.

Homemade masks make skin problems worse

cucumber mask

The composition of industrial cosmetics is developed taking into account the characteristics of different skin types and is undergoing laboratory tests. Thus, 8% is considered a safe concentration of fruit acids. But in many fruits (especially tomatoes, strawberries, pineapple), the percentage of irritating substances is much higher.

How masks with fruit acids will affect the skin is not known in advance.

Their use can result in the following consequences:

  • the appearance of new pimples and acne;
  • peeling and itching;
  • the occurrence of a vascular network, scars;
  • increased production of subcutaneous fat.

Most of all, home remedies harm the owners of sensitive and problem skin. But it is these women who are usually recommended to use fruit face masks.

Expert opinion: “Home remedies only solve surface problems. If you have serious disorders (hyperpigmentation, deep wrinkles, a large number of rashes), go to a dermatocosmetologist “cosmetologist Svetlana Svidinskaya.

Vegetables, fruits and berries are strong allergens

fruit allergens

Fruit masks are often compared to industrial cosmetics, referring to the natural composition. Therefore, many women find home remedies to be safer. In practice, it turns out the opposite.

Almost all vegetables, fruits and berries are potential allergens. If you use a homemade mask, you run the risk of severe burns, swelling and rashes. Even a preliminary test on the back of the hand does not give a 100% guarantee of safety, since the effect may not appear immediately or only when a large amount of irritant is applied.

Expert opinion: “If the mask is chosen incorrectly, is not used according to the scheme or is applied for a long time, dryness and redness of the skin, allergic rashes may appear. Before using the products, it is recommended to consult a beautician “beautician Alexandra Chernyavskaya.

The visible result passes quickly

The only effect that can be obtained when using a homemade cream or mask with fruit acids is a slight hydration of the upper layer of the epidermis. Therefore, after the procedure, the face really looks fresh and rested.

mask for the face

Compounds (for example, hyaluronic acid) capable of retaining water molecules are added to the composition of industrial creams. However, there are no such substances in vegetables and fruits. Therefore, the effect of a home mask lasts a maximum of an hour – moisture quickly evaporates from the skin surface.

No matter how many mums, grandmothers and girlfriends have masks made of fruits, the effectiveness of home remedies has not been confirmed by science. But the real harm has been proven: the ability to exacerbate existing problems and cause allergies. If you want to keep your beauty and youthfulness, do not skimp on yourself. Visit a beautician and use quality cosmetics that suit your skin type and, of course, eat right.

What products improve the skin of the face, what should be in the daily diet of a woman?

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