George Blaha Net Worth

George Blaha Net Worth

George Blaha’s net worth is between one and five millions dollars. Blaha has been in the business for more than thirty years. He is currently the play by-play announcer for Detroit Red Wings on Fox Sports Detroit. Blaha is originally from Detroit, Michigan. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Michigan. He has previously worked for the Detroit Lions and the Michigan Wolverines football teams, as well as the NBA on TNT.

Because of his variable income, George Blaha’s networth is difficult to calculate. While his salary and his investment income are fairly stable, his spending habits are not. His net worth fluctuates because he has spent millions of dollars over the years as a media veteran. Although it’s impossible to know exactly how much he earns and spends, there are some things we can say about his net worth.

George Blaha was born in Detroit on March 29, 1945. Later, he moved to Grayling (Michigan) and Marshalltown (Iowa). He is currently 77. He is expected to turn 80 on March 29, 2023. George Blaha’s net wealth is estimated at $14 million in 2022. The sportscaster is still alive and will likely be making millions of dollars in the years ahead. If he were to die today, his net worth would be over $8 million.

Blaha, a Michigan native, is well-known for his work as a play by-play announcer for Detroit Pistons. He also serves as a member of the Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association. He was born in Detroit, Michigan and is a man of average height and weight. His trademark suspenders are also a hallmark of Blaha. George Blaha is a major part of any basketball fan’s life.

The broadcaster has been a staple of the Detroit Pistons’ radio and television lineup for over four decades. His career as a play-by-play announcer has earned him a place in Pistons legendry. He has worked with three Pistons owners, 20 coaches and thousands of games. His work has also allowed him to meet and work with former Pistons players.

Blaha, a broadcaster, has built a substantial net worth through his radio and television roles. He is currently the lead play-by-play announcer for the Detroit Pistons, where he has worked for over thirty years. He is also a play-by-play announcer for the Michigan State Spartans. Blaha, who has a net worth $3.5 million is a well-respected and beloved personality in the business.

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