Gordon Smith Net Worth

Gordon Smith Net Worth

Gordon Smith Net Worth: Gordon was an Oregon Senator from 1997 to 2009 before being appointed President of the National Association of Broadcasters in 2009. Additionally, he holds membership in both parties and remains active within them both.

Before becoming involved in politics, Smith served as president of a family-owned frozen foods business based in Weston, Oregon. Additionally, he ran for election to the Oregon State Senate where he became majority leader before being elected to represent his district in Washington D.C. In 1996 special election to fill the seat vacated by Bob Packwood’s death, Smith defeated Democratic Ron Wyden with the endorsement from Oregon Citizens Alliance but then later disavowed this endorsement upon winning his seat in Congress.

Smith made headlines when, as chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging, and as a member of its Foreign Relations Committee. In 2006 he made waves when he publicly opposed Iraq war after having previously supported it only four years earlier. Furthermore, Smith is known to support pro-life policies and opposed abortion; thus voting in 2003 for Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act as well as championing anti-immigration campaigns while opposing Equal Rights Amendment.

Smith was widely considered one of the most effective legislative leaders during his term as Senator, being one of the primary negotiators on budgetary matters and working to reduce federal deficit. Furthermore, he secured funding for rural broadband infrastructure while fighting to protect family farms and was key author in creating legislation such as CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) and Community Health Choices Act to expand access to quality healthcare for all Americans.

Gordon Smith keeps his personal life private. He keeps all relationships and hookups to himself; he has never been married nor does he have children; however he does have several ex-girlfriends, although at present he remains single.

As a businessman, he serves as a registered representative with Park Avenue Securities LLC and financial advisor with Prudential and Guardian Leaders Clubs. Additionally, he holds Series 7 and 63 licenses as well as CLU/ChFC credentials; additionally he is an official member of Million Dollar Round Table’s association of financial professionals.

Smith enjoys spending his free time with his wife and dog. He likes to grill, ski, play tennis and hike; house carpentry/gardening work/wine tasting/whiskey tasting; reading history books/political science, playing the guitar (in his free time); as well as reading/following political science/history books/political science based books/history journals/politics books etc; all this plus being an avid supporter of New York Yankees/ Dallas Cowboys fan since lifelong fans of New York Yankees/Dallas Cowboys fans in life long ago! Smith’s strong work ethic combined with humor makes him an excellent role model for children’s development!

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