Greg Miller Net Worth

Greg Miller Net Worth – Video Game Journalist, Content Creator, and YouTube Star

Greg Miller is an award-winning video game journalist, content creator, and YouTube star who specializes in gaming news, commentary and reviews. Miller hosts podcasts about gaming events and shows, has an enormous following on both YouTube and Twitch streams – earning significant income through them both – and even hosts podcasts himself!

Miller first became interested in video gaming at an early age, when playing Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda on an NES. This passion eventually lead to his interest in technology, prompting him to pursue a career in gaming. Following graduation, Miller joined IGN as PlayStation Editor; later becoming part of Game Scoop and Podcast Beyond podcast casts; also creating his own YouTube channel originally known as GameOverGreggy that later changed name to Kinda Funny in January of 2012.

Miller has become renowned for his gaming news and commentary videos uploaded to YouTube, with over 180,000 subscribers and millions of views per video. Furthermore, Miller streams gaming via Twitch channel as well as has a Patreon account where fans can subscribe in support of his work.

Miller is active with several charitable organizations outside of online gaming; these include serving on the Utah Water Ways Board, Utah Highway Patrol’s Honorary Colonel Association, and Sutherland Institute Board of Trustees. Furthermore, he acts as an advocate for gaming rights.

Miller makes time for both his family and his friends. His wife is Jennifer, with two sons named Jake and Dylan; together they love playing games together and often attend local gaming conventions. Additionally, Miller likes spending his spare time hanging out with his pals.

Greg Miller currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $1,675,800. His wealth comes mainly from YouTube fame; other income sources include merchandise sales, brand deals and appearance fees. Greg is known for being funny and entertaining on YouTube which has won him multiple awards over time. He is widely revered and influential within the gaming community, and his work has had a tremendous impact on how people view video games. Furthermore, it has led to more meaningful connections between gamers. He has been featured in many popular press publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, U.S. News & World Reports, Business Week and Fortune. Additionally, he has been quoted or cited in multiple other popular press publications, such as Detroit Free Press NPR Marketwatch Morgunbladid etc.

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