Habitat For Humanity Restore Kenmount Road St John’s Nl

ReStore donations are an important part of Habitat for Humanity Newfoundland and Labrador’s mission. Donated home renovation items are sold at Habitat for Humanity Newfoundland & Labrador’s ReStore for up to 75% off retail value! Donating items helps to rebuild homes for those in need. ReStore also accepts donations of furniture, appliances, and other items that will benefit local families.

ReStore donations will help Habitat for Humanity restore homes in the community. Located at 323 Kenmount Road, the ReStore accepts donated furnishings, appliances, and other home improvements. These goods are resold at a fraction of their original price to support local Habitat builds. By purchasing items at the ReStore, you are assisting Habitat in restoring homes and restoring communities.

The ReStore accepts quality building materials, appliances, and furniture. The nonprofit organization resells these items at a fraction of their market value, enabling them to continue building affordable homes in the area. All items go to local Habitats, and you can donate them at Habitat for Humanity Newfoundland & Labrador. There are many ways to donate and support the organization!

Habitat for Humanity Newfoundland & Labrador is located at 323 Kenmount Road in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The ReStore accepts a variety of donated building materials, appliances, and other items. The ReStore resells these items at a fraction of their original market value. The money raised helps fund local Habitat builds.

Habitat for Humanity Newfoundland & Labrador is home to a ReStore store. The organization is a nonprofit organization that uses donated goods to build affordable homes. To donate an item to Habitat, please visit the ReStore at 323 Kenmount Road, St. John’s. You can donate used kitchen sinks, appliances, or other home goods. The ReStore will take items of any kind, including those that are too large for reselling.

Donate quality appliances, furniture, and building materials to Habitat. The ReStore helps to create affordable homes for low-income families. Besides accepting donations of used and new home improvement items, the ReStore is also home to a ReStore. Donating items to a ReStore helps the Habitat rehabilitate the community. In addition to reselling donated items, it also supports local Habitat builds.

Donate good quality homebuilding materials. Donate reusable building materials to Habitat. Donate used furniture, building materials, and building supplies can be donated to the ReStore. Donating used items to this local charity is a great way to support a local community. The ReStore has many different opportunities to give. Donate gently used furniture, appliances, or even your time.

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