Handshake etiquette 2020 – how the pandemic changed the greeting

The coronavirus epidemic has made a difference in the culture of greeting. For safety reasons, the whole world has refused hugs, friendly kisses and even handshakes.

However, it is impossible not to greet each other, this can serve as a sign of disrespect or ignorance.

What gestures are used to replace handshake in 2020?

  • The easiest way is to make a slight bow with your head and smile, meeting your eyes.
  • You can enhance the first gesture by bringing your right palm to your chest.
  • Another easy way is to bend your right arm and greet with the palm of your hand.

Royal ways of greeting

  • Prince Charles, who, unfortunately, had been ill with Covid-19, chose the gesture of palms closed at his chest. This is the Thai tradition of wai.

  • King Philip VI of Spain shows both open palms. The gesture retains its original meaning: “I came to you in peace, without weapons in my hands.”

  • Some high-ranking personalities have adopted the Eastern tradition of bowing from the belt. The lower the bow, the more respect he expresses.

Creative greeting

Young people, as usual, decided to be creative and use contact with elbows, feet and other parts of the body as a greeting.

These gestures are fun and are not likely to be part of sustainable handshake etiquette. ⠀

Important! If you think that refusing to shake hands is a far-fetched measure, you should not convince other people of your position: to impose your hugs on them, to laugh at those who observe safety measures.

Choose a greeting method to your liking and be healthy!

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