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Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection is a fascinating book by American psychologist and author John E. Sarno. He published four books and built a cult-like following for his work. His work has helped thousands of patients overcome chronic back pain, and he’s now releasing a new book on the subject. He claims that 80 percent of his patients improved after treatment.

While the premise of his work is sound, it doesn’t apply to all back pain. Nonetheless, his theories are being proven by science. Research has shown that lower back pain is one of the leading reasons why people visit doctors. It affects almost a third of the population in the United States and costs the country approximately $90 billion each year. Not only is this expensive for society, but it costs the economy between $10 and 20 billion in lost productivity.

In his book, Dr. Sarno teaches that pain is a result of emotional tension. He explains that the pain we experience is often caused by repressed emotions. His methods of healing back pain, which emphasize non-bed rest, encourage physical activity and the re-education of our minds, can help us overcome chronic pain and heal our bodies. This is one of the best books on back pain and can help you heal your back without the need for surgery or medication.

Sarno’s theory is based on the fact that repressed emotions cause pain. He believes that the emotional tension behind pain is a symptom of emotional tension. He recommended journaling, psychotherapy, and returning to normal activities. This is because repressed feelings cause physical pain. The book’s scientific basis is being confirmed. It’s a great book for those suffering from back pain.

While the theory of Dr. Sarno’s approach is a good read for people who want to heal their backs, it is a valuable resource for anyone suffering from back pain. There are many different ways to cure your back and recover from it. In fact, the re-education of our brains can be a powerful tool. You can learn more about the repression of emotions by downloading the book Healing Back Pain by John E. Sarno PDF.

While the theory of Sarno’s theory does not apply to all cases of back pain, it is a good read for those who are seeking alternative treatments. It’s an excellent read for anyone who suffers from back pain. It’s a great way to heal your back, and will help you feel better as you age. While it’s not an easy read, it’s worth a read.

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