Psychogeometric test – discover your strengths

With the help of this test, many employers analyze whether a particular person is suitable for a responsible position. It is highly accurate. Don’t believe me? Then take our psychogeometric test and see for yourself!


  1. You need to relax and focus on the test.
  2. Take a look at the image below.
  3. Which geometric shape do you like best? Perhaps you associate yourself with any of them?

Important! Only 1 shape should be selected. As soon as you decide, familiarize yourself with the result.

psychogeometric test
Colady illustration
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Colady illustration

People who choose the triangle are natural leaders. They know how to lead, have the gift of persuasion. However, their main “strong point” is the ability to concentrate on the task.

If you chose a triangle, you have no equal in your work. You have great creativity. You analyze the situation better than others, and also predict the results. Small details are not important to you. The main thing is the final goal. You live by the principle: “In war, all means are good.” Do not be afraid of difficulties.

You are confident in yourself, you hardly compromise, because you think that you are right in any situation. As practice shows, this is most often the case. Know how to compete, do not deviate from your plans without giving your best.

Others may consider you too categorical a person who has difficulty admitting mistakes. In general, they are right.

Career is above all for you. You crave universal acceptance and approval. You dream of realizing yourself in a specific area. They are very motivated. Your main drawback is self-obsession, egocentrism.


Colady illustration

Your main character traits are hard work, punctuality and perseverance. You can act as a presenter or a performer. In terms of functionality, they are mobile and flexible. You can adapt to other people. You are not explosive.

People around you know that you can always be relied on. You are a great friend and companion. Curiosity is one of your greatest strengths. You cannot live a day without new knowledge, and this is very commendable.

People who choose a square are not prone to guesswork. They always rely on common sense. Consistent in decision making. They really don’t like it when plans change dramatically. Committed conservatives.

If you chose a square, then you are taking an active life position. Love organizing events and gathering people around you.

A circle

a circle
Colady illustration

Circle lovers are friendly and open-minded people. They are not prone to conflicts and stormy showdown. Interested in smoothing out sharp corners.

If you chose the circle, then you are an excellent diplomat. You know how to convince, find a compromise. In your professional activity, do not strive to “go over your heads.”

It is extremely important for you to build friendly relations with the people around you. Build social capital on a regular basis. You clearly understand if there is a deceiver in front of you. Your capacity for empathy, that is, for empathy, is amazing.

People around you consider you a spiritually developed person with a strong moral position. And they are absolutely right.


Colady illustration

If you chose a rectangle, you probably lack solid ground under your feet. Something is clearly not going according to plan. Perhaps at the moment you are in search of yourself, you understand your destiny.

Your main feature is unpredictability. You know what you need to do to surprise those around you. You plunge headlong into the sphere that interests you. Strive for self-development and recognition. You are not indifferent to the opinion of others about you.

You are a brave and determined person who will not give up what you started halfway through. Never give up if you are interested in the result. Your main flaw is gullibility. You can become a victim of manipulators.


Colady illustration

You are an outstanding and creative person, not like the rest. The zigzag is chosen by people who think outside the box. Consistency, orderliness and consistency are not yours.

Enjoy experimenting, pushing boundaries, breaking rules and pushing boundaries. To be productive, it is imperative that you maintain your independence. If you are under total control from the management, you will not achieve success in work.

You are a born idealist. You often unfairly hang different labels on the people around you. Afraid of losing your freedom.

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