6 animal signs to be lucky in love in 2022

2022 – the year of the rule of the Tiger; the transfer of power will take place on February 1, and the Tiger will reign until January 21, 2023. This is a hectic, active and very energetic period during which the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac will have to work hard to achieve their goals.

The Tiger himself personifies energy, strength, leadership, determination, revolutionary ideas, but also vulnerability, sensitivity, selfishness, overestimated self-esteem and an all-or-nothing attitude.

The Tiger element is a tree and 2022 is the Year of Water. Since Water is the five-element equivalent of black, 2022 will be the Black Water Tiger period.


The combination of water and wood is extremely positive, since water is essential for the growth and life of a tree, and wood, in turn, gives stability and the ability to achieve goals. That is why 2022 will be full of chances and opportunities for prosperity.

2022 can dramatically change our lives for the better if we are not afraid to make our dreams come true. This period is also suitable for launching new projects, but they need to be protected and “grown”.

We will face situations that we have never encountered before. We will go on vacation to new places, and we will spend money on something that we have not purchased before.

And what signs will be all right and stable in love?

1. Bull

Chinese horoscope: 6 animal signs to be lucky in love in 2022

In 2022, the Ox will not have serious failures in love and relationships, but there is no sign of significant progress either. If Bulls want to improve their personal life, they must take more care of their partners, be patient and understanding.

Bull People are hardworking and practical, as well as very consistent and persistent in personal relationships. When they are in love, they will stubbornly pursue their chosen one or chosen one.

Bull Bachelors are likely to meet their man and get rid of loner status in the coming year.

2. Tiger

Chinese horoscope: 6 animal signs to be lucky in love in 2022

2022 is a good year for marriage, because Tigers can start planning, and lonely Tigers have a great chance of finding their soul mate.

Tigers aged 24-36 need to pay more attention to the relationship itself, as their luck in love life will be unstable throughout 2022.

Overall, 2022 is quite good for unmarried male Tigers and female Tigers.

But family people should value their feelings and relationships. Otherwise, disagreements and disputes will constantly cause conflicts and quarrels. Mutual distrust is also dangerous, therefore you should not run the situation too much.

3. Rabbit

Chinese horoscope: 6 animal signs to be lucky in love in 2022

The personal life of the Rabbits will be stable. Rabbit women are lucky in finding a successful partner, and Rabbit men are likely to stop at only short-term relationships.

For this animal, 2022 will be a period of good luck in love and romance with many opportunities for dating and dating. Moreover, there are not uncommon options for even office romances, however, the Rabbits must remain reasonable so that this does not affect their career in any way.

Family Rabbits are encouraged to take care of the family and children in order to strengthen relationships between household members.

4. Snake

Chinese horoscope: 6 animal signs to be lucky in love in 2022

Snake men are very lucky in love, and they also have a high probability of saying goodbye to their bachelor life. Be attentive and actively look around, because your destiny is already very close.

Snake women will become very emotional in 2022.

In order not to create serious problems, they need to be more peaceful and open, and also take into account the point of view of their partner.

Forget about the desire to find fault, scold and nag your loved one.

5. Goat

Chinese horoscope: 6 animal signs to be lucky in love in 2022

If the Goat got married in 2021, she will have a high probability of having a child in 2022. But single and very independent Goats will have an excellent chance to meet a potential chosen one or chosen one. An incredible and passionate meeting awaits you in September, so get ready.

In 2022, the Goat is recommended to objectively analyze her behavior, which will allow her to clearly see her weaknesses and the weaknesses of her relationship. You should think about whether you are happy and whether everything suits you.

By the way, a marriage is quite possible for the Goat, even if you have not thought about it yet.

6. Monkey

Chinese horoscope: 6 animal signs to be lucky in love in 2022

Lonely Monkeys are also lucky in love, and they can find their destiny during travel or even business trips and business trips.

Those Monkeys who are already in a relationship must rethink them, and then either begin to strengthen their union, or diverge in different directions.

If the Monkeys go down the aisle with their life partner in 2022, they will be able to overcome the negative influence of the stars, and everything will be wonderful for them.

Otherwise, they have a great chance to part because of the exacerbation of disagreements and contradictions, both external and internal.

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