Horoscope girls born on September 1

Girls born on September 1 under the zodiac sign Virgo are strong and purposeful individuals who achieve their goal, despite difficulties and obstacles. They are extremely practical and down to earth, do not fly in the clouds and do not wait for princes on a white horse. Virgos are always result-oriented and use their abilities to the benefit of those close to her.

Girls born on September 1

Strengths and weaknesses of character

Women who were born on the first day of autumn are distinguished by special erudition and intelligence, they are avid careerists with well-developed intuition that helps them in everyday affairs. For example, they are well versed in people, understanding the character and motives of other people at the first meeting. Therefore, it is difficult to circle them around the finger.

“Virgo is not the ratio of weight and height, it is the ratio of intelligence, taste and self-confidence.”

Virgos are also straightforward and honest. They are not used to dissembling, and always say what they think. In terms of frank conversation and giving advice, they are the best. However, usually virgins have a lot of forbidden topics that they do not want and will not discuss. Some recognize this as modesty and restraint, while others recognize it as self-confidence and pride.

The Virgo girl, born on September 1, has weaknesses. First of all, it is excessive seriousness. Virgos are able to completely dissolve in work and career, forgetting about rest and their own family.

Due to the constant stress of discontinuous activity, Virgos develop nervousness, leading to various conflict situations. Therefore, in some cases, they should not get too carried away in achieving their own goals, and sometimes be content with what they have.

Personal qualities born on September 1

Love horoscope

Women born on September 1 are extremely careful in terms of relationships with the opposite sex. Their relationship goes through a long period of “maturation”, which turns into true love with all that it implies: tenderness, attentiveness and care for a loved one.

By the way, Virgos do not like to show their feelings in front of strangers. But in private, they are as open and liberated as possible. This applies to both everyday life and intimate relationships.

“Virgos quickly get tired of being strong women, get tired of” understanding “,” getting into position “,” forgiving “

In a Virgo marriage, there are wonderful wives and mothers who radiate warmth and comfort. There is always a special atmosphere of happiness and mutual understanding around them, enveloping all household members.


For girls born on September 1, representatives of the following zodiac signs will become excellent partners: Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus. But Aries and Sagittarius can boast of poor compatibility with Virgo.

The personality traits of a girl born on September 1

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